House Cleaners

House Cleaners

Source: Painterati’s Tip of The Week: How to Clean Your Walls – Part 2 | Painterati

When house cleaners can't get the job done anymore, your rooms still look tired and boring it might be time to consider painting your home. House painters and painting have a great secondary effect on your home besides just applying color to your rooms.
House cleaners keep things nice and clean and tidy, can arrange already existing items in the room but can't change the looks of the room and are not trained to stage the rumor home professionally.
But the qualified professional home painters with years of experience know what to do when it comes to updating the looks of your home to a trendy modern look. They have professional experience to suggest colors and coordinate with what you have such as furniture and flooring, amount of natural lighting and artificial lighting and of course any furnishings such as rugs/carpets, pictures, lamps and so on.
They might also suggest such things as featured walls very common these days in bedrooms and in living rooms and family rooms. Featured walls are great way to break up the monotony of the otherwise not interesting room. A feature while also gives the room with the illusion of depth and also draws interest to that section of room.
And other painting tip to give a room warmth and a touch of class is to tone down the ceiling to a percentage of the main wall color. Such as adding about 20% of the wall color to the ceiling white paint.
The trim color can also be changed from the original standard white color to the color of the different hue or shade giving the room a completely different look away from that standard white door lock. But this has to be done with care not to go the wrong way with the color choice. There are color charts which will tell you complementary colors and opposite colors guiding you to deciding on your choice. Your choice will depend on what exactly are you trying to represent. If this is a game room with all kinds of exciting things happening you might consider more vivid and wild colors. But if it is a formal type room you might just very different shades of the same color or subtle changes in the color hue


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