House Maintenance: Repairing Holes in Wall

House Maintenance with Repairing Holes in Wall

A part of house maintenance is upkeep of your furnace and sometimes actually replacing your furnace with an upgraded model which is more eco-friendly more energy-efficient furnace. Some homes have their ventilation routed behind walls to the outside. These are usually 3 inch plastic pipes running along inside the wall behind the drywall in finished basements. These installations are usually done prior to the drywall being installed. And in many cases the basements are never finished so there is no need to worry about replacing furnace vent pipes. But if you have a finished basement and you need to remove and replace furnace piping you'll have to cut holes in the wall to be able to put hangers to support the pipes as they go along the wall.

Repairing Holes in Wall

house maintenance

copper strap to hold pipe

house maintenance

house maintenance pipes behind wall

Is now needed. you have to calculate how many hangers you are going to place to support the pipes You're going to have to cut a square hole directly in front of the place you want to install the pipe hanger. Place the hanger around the pipe. Usually we use a copper strap to hold it secure  to the pipe. Getting back to the drywall repair, hopefully you have numbered the pieces  of drywall you removed from the wall with a drywall  hole saw and numbered the holes also so you know where the piece of drywall came from.

house maintenance cutting square holes

house maintenance cutting the holes

house maintenance plastering up the holes

Repairing Holes in Wall

Repaired Holes in Wall

Finished and Painted Holes in Wall

Now that you well-organized, your plumbing repair work is completed and you're ready to put back the removed piece of drywall there is a number of ways that the sheet rock can be replaced back in.

1. You can lay a couple of pieces of wood across the back of the hole in order to be able to attach the piece of drywall you saved. We generally put a 1 x 2 on both edges of the cutout and secure them with drywall screws and then place the drywall back in and then secure that drywall screws.

2. There are also sheetrock clips that you could slide over the edge of the sheet rock and the other end has a flat portion with serrations in it that you lay the drywall against edits screw into that. This system saves some effort in cutting wood (slightly faster to do)

Now that you have reattached the removed drywall you're ready to tape over the joints. Here you have again a choice of types of drywall tape.

1. You can use fiber tape which is easy to place and you just place the mud over the tape without worrying about lining up or the tape going out of place.

2. Use your basic paper drywall tape or you have to place some mud first on the joint and then place the tape over top of the mud. Then you take a 3 inch drywalling blade and squeeze out the drywall mud as you're going down or sideways making sure that you do not leave a large line on either side.

Once that has dried then you can proceed with a second coat of plaster mud with a wider blade such a 6 inch blade again going down evenly as smoothly. And then finally you can use a third coat with a 8 inch or 10 inch plaster  blade to finish off.

Here is a good video on: house maintenance: repairing holes in wall

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