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House Painters Mississauga Business Advice

Once you have found your “house painters Mississauga”and you strike a deal on your house painting project make sure that all the particulars are documented on a piece of paper that both of you have.
It's a terrible situation when one on the parties don't remember different aspects of the paint job.
In particular, when someone found“house painters Mississauga” on the internet, our Mississauga handy man painting company struck a deal with the customer in Lorne Park Mississauga. We were both satisfied with our arrangement and the price was good for both of us

If there is no writing or detailed job description of what is going to be done and painted it might cause discomfort for someone. And I got someone unfortunately will be the contractor since they say that the customer is always right.

Wall Painting and Ceiling Painting

Was the main work to be done. The home owner evicted their tenant who left a large mess on the walls and ceilings. When Mississaugahandyman arrived quote the job the homeowner had already painted two rooms and some door frames. While surveying the homeowners paintwork which they thought was acceptable along with their words saying that it is a rental property you would assume that this job could be done at a quick and economical price considering they were not looking for absolute perfection. I'm not talking about making crooked lines or leaving bad roller marks on the walls or bad paintbrush work on the doors and frames. Just simply doing a everyday subdivision type home painting. Therefore it must be specified exactly what quality of workmanship is expected and price accordingly.

This particular job we went around from room to room and would give the customer a per room price which would include the ceiling in the room and the walls in the room. And it was mentioned that there would be no baseboards or window frames and doors painted in this quote. There were two adjoining closets with closing doors. We did not look into these rooms at that time because there was no request to paint inside.

House Painting Contract Advice From House Painters Mississauga

When making your deal with the customer about doing any room painting or house painting it is strongly advised that you write down every single thing that you're going to do it every single thing that you're not going to do and specify if there any additional work that is asked for and done it will be written down and agreed to prior to commencement.

Free Painting

After we had made a deal on the painting of the rooms and ceilings and agreed to it I made the mistake of agreeing to painting the closets while I had the paint sprayer out. It was going to be quicker and she knew that if I quickly sprayed the closet white. The problem arose when the inside back half of the closet which would be difficult to paint with the paint sprayer gone I had could not be done with out getting large runs everywhere. So I left that out. This would have to be done by hand to finish it off which it probably take about five minutes or 10 minutes. I thought that I did the homeowner favor by doing most of the closet for her but now she felt that I owed her to finish the closet off completely and this would take some time and effort. She had four closets which I did 90% of the work for her for free and she complained about the 10% that was not finished. So the motto of this story is don't include in a free unless you are prepared to do it to total completion.

 Looking for House Painters Mississauga

if you're interested in having any room painting or complete house painting, condo painting and residential painting don't hesitate to give us a call we can come up with just the right value for you.


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