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House Painting Mississauga -exterior painting

there are two types of house painting Mississauga paint jobs.
The first one is a regular repaint which is the easiest version. This type of exterior paint job is done when basically all your home needs is a coat of paint over your dulling existing paint job. The dulling is because of things such as rain and snow and lots of sunshine which has a lot of UV rays. After a number of years, the paint oxidizes leaving a fine film of basically yellowed paint or a discolored finish. The cause of paint to fad is most probably one of two things
Or both. The UV rays of the sun can break down the binders in the paint causing the surface to chalk up with the pottery type surface. As this is happening it's starting to degrade the color and integrity of the paint.

When you buy cheap exterior paint you are not getting the elements which are required for UV resistance.
To help and aid against color fade we at ( house painting Mississauga ) recommend that you use 100% acrylic latex paint of a highly reputable paint manufacturer such as Benjamin Moore or Sherwin-Williams paints premium lines that have 100% acrylic content. These paints are the best paints that can prevent premature fading.  

The second situation is where when you have a lot of scraping and wood repairs.

There is more preparation work involved with house painting Mississauga when you have two repair damaged areas on the exterior walls and woodwork trim on your home. In some cases when the damages are minimal and there is not too many places and large areas involved with either wood rot or heavily peeling and flaking paint. Here you can apply an exterior plaster repair compound which again is hunted percent acrylic and sandable that you can lay over or into the affected hole or crack or depression like a body filler. When this acrylic wood filler dries it is sandable, this material is flexible with temperature change. When it gets cold it shrinks with the wood and likewise expands in hot weather whereas when you are using regular repair compounds that are meant for interior work it cracks almost immediately at the first weather change. After the home has been power washed and the paint scraped off and the holes cracks and rots have been fixed with wood repair plaster it is time to spot prime the repair areas and if there is a lot of them it is better to prime the entire exterior wall to give it a uniform base. When the primer as completely dried and is ready for finish coat a final inspection of the surface can be performed to ensure there is no more wood defects that need to be cleared up and repaired prior to applying the finish coat of exterior paint.   If you are interested in having  Mississauga painters in Mississauga or Toronto do some exterior painting for you please give us a call,905-956-8974

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