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Interior Design By You
Don’t give up if you read through this article get some good ideas on how to make best what you’ve got.
With a positive attitude and a little imagination you can turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse. You would be surprised after just cleaning up a living space how much better it looks and makes you feel.
Cleaning up means that you will be removing any unnecessary items from the room and rearranging what’s left into an aesthetically pleasing site.
Arranging items clears the floor space. And makes the room more accessible and convenient.
If you’re starting in an apartment which is empty this would be the best time to do all your minor renovations and home improvements.
Obviously the biggest bang for the buck is interior painting of your apartment. This is the single most thing that brings the most amount of life to it. Hiring our professional house painting services to paint bright light colors opens up the living space. If there some detail work the painting such as drywall repairs this the time to repair the drywall because the space is empty and nothing to worry about as far as getting dust on your furniture. Also if the trim work in the apartment has never been properly adjusted to the walls there might be large gaps that can be filled in with the latex caulking such as Alex plus from Home Depot. This is a cheap solution to make things look good. Applying a nice coat of white paint really does a nice job in putting some life back into the apartment.
Once our professional house painting services (Mississauga handyman painting and carpentry) have everything painted the walls and trim, doors and baseboards you might consider also thinking about different type of lighting. I suggest using LED lights which are quite bright and can be bought in different versions such as soft white or daylight. Daylight really casts quite a strong illumination were as when you use soft white it’s not as stark lighting.

If you really feel up to it you might want to buy some new hardware such as knobs and hinges for your kitchen cabinets and cupboards and drawers this really brings a lot alike back into older kitchens.
And of course lastly the furniture you place should be something of your taste. Not over furnishing a place makes it look neater and tidier and more elegant not to mention the fact it’s more practical.

You can call our professional house painting services for a quote on getting your apartment looking good. 


Even without a renovation,
your apartment can be redeemed. Remember to talk to your landlord before making any changes to your space. If you are making improvements, they might even help pay for some of them if you broach the subject the right way.

Here are our tips to make any space feel homey
.If you are still hunting….Go with light. If you have a choice, go for the apartment with more natural light whenever possible, even if it is a little rough around the edges. Basement apartments can be beautiful, but nothing compares to sunlight when it comes to making a space feel light and airy..

House cleaning
When you move in…Seriously clean it. Pay a professional if you need to (and if you can afford it). Clean the floors, baseboards, walls, and vents before you start the serious move-in phase. It will make a world of difference to how it feels. No one wants to live in someone else’s mess.

 House Painting, Apartment Painting
Paint it. Not every landlord will like the idea of painting the walls, so have a discussion with them before you sign a lease. Some landlords will even paint the place for you, though be sure you have a say in the color. Pick something that will be easy to paint over when you leave – pale colours and whites are always a good bet.If you can’t paint, personalize. There are lots of wall decals or removable wallpaper options out there. They tend to cost more than painting, but you can get a deal, and they are easy to get rid of at the end of your lease.

Wall Decorations
Hang art. Even if your landlord won’t let you drill holes in the walls, it isn’t the end of the world. Frame everything (especially posters) and use command strips, or lean art up against the wall using plate rails or furniture if you can’t hang your pictures the traditional way.Make small upgrades.

Light Fixtures
Maybe your light fixtures are the cheapest ones that are available – if that is the case, switching a few out for some vintage ceiling lights can make a huge impact. Installation isn’t hard, and you can always take the upgrades with you when you leave.

 Kitchen Hardware
Similarly, switching out cupboard handles, adding some nice hardware to shelves or installing nice hooks are small details that can make a big difference to the attractiveness and the function of your space.Fill it with pieces of furniture that make you happy.

 Modern Furniture
Nice furniture doesn’t have to be expensive. You can get amazing deals on used furniture on Kijiji, though you might need to be patient to find something that you really love, or get something in need of a little TLC. Do-it-yourself fix-up jobs will give you more pride in the things that you own, and even if you find a better apartment and move, you can bring your fabulous furniture with you.

 Center of Attraction
Add focal points. They could be an interesting rug or a cool old lamp, or a crisp, airy pair of curtains. Draw the eye away from whatever it is you don’t like about your space, whether it’s bad floors or an ugly wall colour.Make it smell nice. If your apartment has a distinct odor of any kind, that can really detract from the overall feel of the space. Air out your space with fresh air as much as possible.

 Fresh Air
Open the windows and use fans to try and get the space feeling fresh. If beyond that, a smell still lingers, try diffusing some essential oils to create an inviting atmosphere.Dim the lights. Having lots of sources of low light will disguise things you don’t like about your space and give it a romantic vibe. Acquire a collection of floor lamps, table lamps, and lighting focal points that will make your space feel cozy.



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