House Painting Tips – The Bedroom

Bedroom Painting Tips

Interior house painting is also an art of combining colors to achieve a desired mood or effect. Color theory tells what hues give energy, a warm and cozy feel, and which ones foster a cool, peaceful serenity. Some combinations feel harmonious while others are discordant.

Bedroom size, wall height, and architectural structure are the things to be considered when choosing a room’s color palette for house painting. Rooms in contemporary or modern houses are best to be painted with bright, bold colors. To achieve the feeling of peace and tranquility, a monochromatic or analogous color palette would be best.

The first step in house painting is to select a color palette. The bedroom is the most intimate, private room in a home; it is the place where one relaxes and sleeps. You should keep that in mind when choosing. Try to choose a wall color that suites your personality and style. Coloring the walls with blue color makes the room feel airy and clean. Light shades of yellow give more space and light to the room. Dark and rich colors highlight the unique architectural structure of the walls. Low ceilings are best painted with white or any light colors. Painting tall ceilings with darker shades will create a more enclosed space. The amount of light passing through a room would always affect the reflection of the paint color.

Any paint finish is appropriate for bedrooms. Flat matte is often used to hide wall flaws and is a good choice for painting old walls. A matte finish is also excellent if the bedroom is always bathed in sunlight, as this finish avoid reflection and shine. A flat matte finish is perfect for elegant rooms, master suites, or guest bedroom. Eggshell and finishes are best for a child’s room. Cleaning those only requires a damp cloth. The gleam of semi gloss finishes creates contrast against matte or satin finish walls. If painting a detailed woodwork and wainscoting, a semi gloss finish is best to be used.

Choose paint colors

that match the color of the furniture in the room. Avoid using contrasting colors. Doing so may bring confusion, or the room would look as if it’s in chaos. The color of the walls and ceiling should always complement the color of the bed sheets, furniture, and even the bedroom rugs. Using the right colors for painting is the perfect finishing touch to the room’s transformation. This will give impact to the style and will make the room more elegant and classy.

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