House Painting Using Aura Paint

Recently we were invited to do a paint job on a condo where the customer had specified using aura paint by Benjamin Moore.

Now everyone thinks that when you buy the most expensive paint made by Benjamin Moore you would think you would get a absolute perfect paint in all ways. You would expect the paint to cover extremely well and you expect the paint also to be very easy to install in other words, brushing and rolling should be a snap.

We have been professionally house painting for over 30 years so one would assume that hollywoodpainting would have experienced and very well seasoned professional painters. But when it came to applying aura paints by Benjamin Moore we had the greatest difficulty in creating a good interior paint job. We found that this paint didn't cover well over a similar shade of the same color, what it did do was leave lighter and darker spots on the paint job not leaving a very uniform wall or door.

We prime down the whole room meaning all the interior walls with virtually exactly the same color and I mean exactly the same color. When the base coat was completely dry we painted on exactly the same way with the brush and roller the exact same color of paint but in aura paint. To my complete amazement I couldn't believe what I saw. This final coat of aura paint looked like it needed a second coat even though it was painted with the same color exactly with the base coat. The base Benjamin Moore designer line flat (Ultimatte Enamel), now to be accurate about this you can't expect the colors to look exactly exactly the same but it should be 99% the same.

I'm sure that this paint has some very good qualities about it but the big question is whether or not it is justified by its high price. The interior paint that I purchased was about 50% higher in cost than the top line paint just below this paint, since we are not paint chemists and not knowing too much about the properties of this paint other than it does dry very hard quickly and seems to be an extremely durable paint but it does require more work and costs more.

I noticed this when I was doing touchups on this paint, this paint one day later would sand  very well just like it was painted a month ago and this is very good if you need to make paint touchups and repairs quickly.


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