House repair, plastering wall where trim molding was removed here in Mississauga

House repair on a curved staircase.

Sometimes doing a little house repair can go a long way. In this case, the customer had some molding falling off the staircase wall. He wasn’t sure what he should do whether to repair the broken molding and replace it or change the entire way the staircase looked by removing all the moldings and curved wall.
In this case, when we were doing the house repair on this section of the wall and a lot of sanding and plastering had to be done because because of so many layers of paint over the years had been painted that there was definitely an outline that you could feel where the molding was on the wall. If you repairing over only just nail holes it would’ve been easier to fill with some quick dry compound. But in this case, the paint ridges were so heavy that even after sanding the will still leave a outline on the wall.
We sanded as much as we could within reason and then afterward we had to do the house repair on the wall with some sheetrock 90 there were dry in a few hours ready for sanding. The plaster had to be put on in such a way that you’re not just simply covering over the lines but you have to feather out on both sides so that there is no evidence gradient or hump/bump where the line used to be.
We used a pole sander with some 80 grit sandpaper and sanded carefully at an angle not to create any overspending in any part of the plaster repair. If you are setting out by hand you might end up with sanding grooves or hollows into the fresh plaster this the reason why you would use a sanding pad on the end of a pole to be able to sand smoothly and evenly. We usually use a sanding head attached to a retractable painting pole which gives us more control over the operation. It will take some experience or practice to be able to handle the sanding pole to create the desired effect which is a nice smooth even service of drywall.
After the drywall repair is completely sanded it will need priming. The priming has to be done in such a way that it blends in with the rest of the paint job as far as texture is concerned. Try not to roll down such a way that you will have lines from the roller or heavy deposit marks. We usually use a half-inch pile roller and rule at an angle to accommodate the curve in the wall trying not to roll straight up and down because you will end up with lines from the roller.

House repair, plaster where chair rail was

house repair on the staircase wall

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