How to buy a condominium in Mississauga

How to Buy a Condominium in Mississauga

the Smart Way

Take some pictures of your condominium before buying.

 getting your condo ready for painting

moving your curtains in your condo for painting

Check your lighting making sure to be able to illuminate darker areas such as in the dark hallways where there will be no windows. If a professional painter in your mind to paint your new home condo/apartment, and you're not being able to give some adequate details such as room sizes and heights. For example a room might be 12' x 15' times 8 1/2 feet high these are adequate precise measurements for calculating paint and labor for the painter to be able to give you a price on painting. While you're being smart about your purchase and possible jobs, you'll want to look in to insurance, find more at as well as factoring in other costs to your purchase.

While trying to take a snapshot of a room try not aiming at a window with bright sunlight coming through because this will throw the exposure off and will make everything in the room of black except the window which will be over bright. Take the snapshot off an angle that doesn't display the full amount of lighting emitting from the window along more detail to be shown in the picture.

When taking these pictures tried to take pictures from a certain distance so that you will be able to compare it to the rest of the room and get a feeling for the size and dimensions of the various aspects of the room. So for example if you know the size of a door which would be 6 feet high by about 3 feet wide for example you can compare that to some other aspect of the room so you might be able to roughly judge the size of some other object.

Make sure you know how to do your color adjustments on your camera so that you get fairly adequate representation of the existing colors so that you might be able to judge and decide what color changes you might want to make.

taking a snapshot of a room letting you estimate the sizes

Try to take some prospective shots along with some measurements that you should be able to provide. You might need to take some detailed pictures on various areas that concern you such as defective wood trim work such as baseboards that are coming away from the wall, or broken baseboards, things that might require wood repairs. Also if there are any areas that have paint damage such as mold or mildew or water stains or if there is wallpaper to be removed and painted over. There also might be some drywall damage that have to be plastered and painted. If you are thinking about painting your kitchen and kitchen cabinets you should have some detailed pictures to show the painter about these."

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