How to confidently choose paint colors

How To Choose Your Paint Colors

How To Confidently Choose Paint Colors

Finding and choosing the colors you are interested in and love looking at might be simpler than you think. In order to find out where you’re going with your color choice, to start off with what you have in mind ( the type of room that you are thinking about decorating), what kind of atmosphere you want the room to feel like?

Basic colors

such as reds oranges and yellows are called warm colors,

then there are greens blues and violets which are considered to be cool colors

and here is where the fun begins you get to choose complementary colors that will appear opposite to each other on a color wheel.

Then there are analogous colors which are the colors that are directly next to the color of your choice on the color wheel and this is when you are trying to choose colors that are harmonious and smooth in transition. This is a nice way to have color displayed in a smooth and subtle way. Or possibly when you do not feel brave.

Choosing colors

 you don’t have to use the same method and the same way for different rooms. You might have bedrooms, employing warm colors while you might like to have cool colors in your kitchen for example. There are lots and lots of information and resources at your fingertips on the Internet.

Create a paint sample

After carefully studying and selecting your choices you might consider getting large print samples of these colors from the paint store, maybe you might even need two of the same color situated in different spots of the room analyzing where the color looks best with respect to lighting coming from window openings. Lighter sandy colors change the way they look on different walls in the same room just because of the way the light hits them.

 Know how to use your paint samples

And this is what I meant by saying get two of the same color because you will notice that the identical color sample sheets will look different on two different walls because of the way the light hits them. A great tool in color selection using the color wheel bonus!

Even using the same color in different rooms might make it look like it’s a different color

you might find that if you use certain beige colors they will appear to be different colors in different rooms just because of the lighting situation. Many times our clients have asked us why are the rooms different colors and to the surprise, we show them that all the rooms were the same color.

Benjamin Moore paint color samples

Benjamin Moore paint stores have a variety of sample swatches/paint sample cards that reflect the color you are looking for in a large enough sample size to be able to properly judge if you like the color on the wall or color on the trim or possibly you might want to paint a feature wall and put this color card up against the adjacent wall to see if it fits or not.

Mississauga painters help with paint color choices

Don’t worry Mississauga handyman painters have years of experience and will be able to help and aid you with your color choices. We won’t decide for you but advise you on picking your interior room colors. And what paint color combinations go well together.


Help to choose my paint colors

Here are some free goodies to help you learn.

1. Download these Free Printable Color Wheels to use as a reference.

2. Print out several of the free templates on standard white 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper.

3. Get your paints out. Keep it simple like watercolor, poster paints, or acrylic.

4. Test out all the various color combinations on these blank color wheels.

5. Be sure to keep them for reference.

Yes, even the ones you think are mistakes.

Mark certainly has a talent for color! I love gray walls and once painted my office a lovely gray. However, I soon found myself avoiding working there; the gray had a dampening effect on my energy and cheer. I painted again, this time a toasty yellow — very cheerful via How To Confidently Choose Paint Colors: Mark’s Foolproof Methods | Apartment Therapy.

Hopefully, we have helped you with how to confidently choose your paint colors

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