How to do Stucco ceiling repairs

 stucco ceiling repair

Touching up spot spraying stucco on a bare spot on popcorn ceiling.

Stucco ceiling repair And Removal

Is a repair no one looks forward to. Ceiling repairs that have popcorn sprayed on them. Sometimes this repair only involves painting and other times it requires extensive drywall repairs.

Water damage

This is the most common reason for damage to ceilings. When the bathtub overflows or if the toilet overflows or even sometimes when the roof leaks water ends up migrating onto a ceiling. Usually, the ceiling is on the main floor in a stuccoed area. If the water damage isn't too big it just ends up staining the ceiling leaving an orangey brown stain anywhere from a small spot to the larger extensive discoloration possibly one or 2 feet in size. If the seeping water was only temporary and only in a smaller amount, it is possible that it might only discolor the popcorn ceiling. But if the water damage was a prolonged leak then possible it weakened the drywall and its joints causing the drywall tape to separate from the joint. You will see that where the tape that is 2 inches wide is separating away from the ceiling.

In these cases, the paper tape is removed from the joint and then re-taped with fresh tape and drywall compound. Usually two coats of drywall compound is enough and adequate for a popcorn ceiling spring.

Drywall repair

It is sometimes necessary when the water damage is so extensive that it actually destroys ceiling drywall panels. Drywall is attached by screws to floor joists. With a series of screws running up and down the drywall every 16 inches approximately loses their grip because of the drywall losing its consistency and strength it has to be removed and the screws unscrewed. In some cases, there is the insulation that also might have gotten wet from the water damage which has to be removed and replaced. A new panel of drywall has to go back into its place. With the new drywall in place, a fresh taping of the joints and screwing up is required. Usually, two coats of drywall compound is enough.

Stucco spray ceilings textured (popcorn ceilings)

Finally, it is time to spray the new popcorn onto the ceiling, making it look like cottage cheese ceilings. If you haven't already covered the walls and floors now is the time. When spraying stucco installer has to make sure that everything is covered because stucco goes everywhere. There is a non-controllable substance splatter out of the end of the spray gun in a random fashion some particles going farther while other ones fall short and this is what gives the ceiling a stuccoed finish look.

In some cases, the entire ceiling where there are parts that are repaired or replaced is primed. The primer can act as a sealer to prevent bleed-through and also ensure a nice even background for the texture spray. New bare drywall needs a spotted coat of popcorn (not too much just a little bit) everywhere where the drywall was replaced. Once the spots are all spot sprayed then the entire ceiling has to be resprayed to give the entire ceiling an even consistency and spray. Spraying the stucco is a visual task that you constantly check as you are spraying adjusting the density spray and the way it looks.

Mississauga handyman painting can take care of your ceiling damage. We can repaint your stucco ceilings, Or stucco ceiling repair and removal can be done depending on what you want.


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