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How to: door repair

Door Repair

This customer took an old door from a salvage yard or even possibly from a yard sale to replace the existing broken door. The door was the same shape and style and size except it had different change positions and doorlock holes. Other than for the hardware the door was identical to the existing door.

The customer wanted to replace the old door with the new door and repair or cover up the existing holes for the passage set and hinges. They wanted a quick and dirty job just to make it look good. There is no guarantees with this type of work because plaster might fall out like a filling in a tooth.

This particular door had the bored passage set holes in the wrong position so it would not line up with the striker plate. So a new hole have to be bored higher to accommodate for the passage set which we did not do because I would not have done it this way. I would relocated the striker hole on the doorframe/casing this would have been much easier but unfortunately the doorknob was already installed when I got there.

To make this look good quickly and economically we had to use Durabond 45 some fiber tape and then finally put a coat of sheetrock 45 which is sandable drywall compound.

After the entire door was sanded down so that the latex paint would stick to it because the previous paint was obviously in oil enamel that latex paint wooden stick to. Then we feathered in and sanded smooth and flush the repaired areas to the door. We then proceeded to prime the entire door. We would look at the door then to see whether or not they’re needed anymore repairs done to the door repair and if not then we continued on with two coats of latex enamel finish coat.

It is important that you completely sand and deglaze all previously painted surfaces that you suspect were painted with oil paint because latex paint can peel ogg or scrape off easily if not totally thoroughly sanded down below the shine level.

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