How to Fix a Door In Mississauga, Brampton And Etobicoke Ontario

How to fix a door

How to Fix a Door

Mississaugahandyman gets a lot of requests from customers wanting know how to fix a door. There are many reasons why something can go wrong with it2. Most of the time when a inquiry comes in on ways to fix a door that has been broken and this is a simple matter of replacing the door.

Replace broken doors

The simplest way is to buy a new one from one of the Home Improvement stores such as Home Depot or Lowe’s. Measure it for its dimensions. They come in standard sizes that might have to be cut to width or length.
It is built around a frame which consists of 2 rails and 2 styles. The rail is the horizontal support and the styles are the vertical supports frame members and this frame is then sandwiched with some kind of veneer whether it is flat Masonite or  some type of designed cover like a colonial series skin such as the one in the video below.

If you are lucky and you have a standard size unit installed that it will be easy to just simply switch and replace. But if you run into the situation were you might have installed flooring or carpets you might need to adjust it for clearance. If it is a minor amount such as quarter of an inch you still have plenty of meat left in the rail at the bottom. Always do your adjustments cutting to length from the bottom. If you start cutting at the top and you are using any kind of door that has some type of decorative design on it you will misaligned the frame to the design or groove. Let’s say you have a hallway with four doors and one has the top cut shorter which will make it look different from the rest this is why you always want cut from the bottom.

Buying New Slabs

They all come blank with no holes for the doorknobs or mortise for the  hinges Mississauga carpenters have to install these.the new mortise locations have to be transferred over and then the hinges have to be installed. The slab has to be attached to the frame/jam and if swinging properly and clears everything swing smoothly Mark the center of the striker plate indicating where you’ll coating out for the doorknob.

Small Tweaks To Adjust The Closing of Your Door

Sometimes the unit doesn’t close quite smoothly enough because it just barely touches the frame as it is closing. Sometimes something as simple as replacing the hinge screws at the top or the bottom was long ones. This will draw the entire casing to the rough opening framework. This will only work with very small increments of space. Don’t expect the unit to move much more than a very small amount like 1/16 of an inch to 1/8 of an inch at the most.


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