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Big difference painting over dirty ceiling.

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How to paint your ceiling

How to paint ceilings can be as simple as doing no preparation work at all when you have a perfect ceiling and all you want to do is freshen it up.

Ceiling repair

But when you run into situations where you have to repair the ceiling first this is where more experience in interior painting is required. How to paint ceilings is probably one of the hardest things to roll paint on. And also it is one of the hardest things to make look good and smooth if it is a flat ceiling.

Ceiling paint

Normally when you are looking at a ceiling in different times of the day shadows will occur in different places on the ceiling causing defects to show up rather quickly. When you are painting a flat ceiling it is best to use a bright light to cast a shadow on different parts of the room onto the ceiling so asked to identify any, cracks in the ceiling, drywall repair, holes in the ceiling, bad Interior painting on the ceiling such as roller marks or Orange peel effects which is a bumpy looking surface in the paint.

After doing your ceiling repairs you probably did not get all the defects on the ceiling so usually what a painter does is prime the ceiling first to more easily identify any defective spots and again you go around with the high-intensity light bulb shining on an angle to reflect any defects. If you still have some defects that have been plastered it will be very shallow and dry quickly if you have done a good preceding repair to the ceiling. These plaster repairs will glad quickly and we'll be very easy to Sand smooth. Next you have to re-prime those areas.

Wants more you do a light bulb inspection over the ceiling and if everything looks good now you're able to do a finish coat with flat latex ceiling paint. Buying a premium flat latex ceiling paint is important because it reflects the least amount of irregularities in the ceiling.

A painter with years of experience will know how to roll paint on properly not to cause these ugly effects on the ceiling.

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