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Some Cool Interior Carpentry and Home repair Tips and Tricks

If you decide to make home repair on your own, or if you just simply want a new look for your home interiors, these simple but nifty Carpenter repair tips and tricks would prove a valuable guide for a more professional looking job:

Practice makes perfect miters

You need trial and error and some fine-tuning for your miter saw to cut at exact right angles. Practice on test pieces first and make the necessary miter saw adjustments until it is set to a perfect right angle setting as possible before you cut the actual wood baseboard or crown molding or door frame piece.

Pneumatic nail gun in use for home repair
Pneumatic nail gun in use in home repair (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Use air-powered nail guns

This handy tool makes your  carpentry job easier, faster, cleaner and better. Why waste your energy by using a conventional hammer for nailing? Besides, you skip hassles like pre-drilling and damage on wood such as splitting and dents. There are several sizes to choose from, but the best start-up air-powered nail gun would be one that can load 5-8” to 2” nails. They are affordable too as they only cost just about a little more than a hundred dollars.

Write down your measurements

You could have a fairly good memory but lapses do occur more often than you expect especially when it comes to numbers. Save yourself from the frustration of wasting good pieces of wood by sticking masking tape to the sides of your tape measure for jotting down measurements.

Rely more on marks, not on numbers

Cutting up a wood board way too short because you measured it wrong is a common rookie mistake.  Any veteran carpenter would tell you, “marking is always more accurate than measuring.” Holding up a template for marking is faster and prevents mistakes .This little piece of advice proves to be valuable not only in interior carpentry but in all other types of carpentry too.

Keep a good pair of snippers

One useful tool for  Home repairs is a pair of heavy-duty nippers. Use them for pulling nails through the back of the trims when you remove trims from the wall.

Use a good all-around hammer

Whenever you use a hammer for rough work or in finishing, make sure to use a straight-clawed 20-oz. smooth-faced hammer. Straight claws better than curved-claw hammers for pulling off nails, digging under walls for lifting and even for crude chiseling jobs.

Use more glue and less nails

For your wood board trim Carpenter type jobs, it is better to use glue and limit use of nails on edges and blind spots. This may take a little more time to do but this saves much time and effort for the painting phase of the job as there will be less nail holes to fill making the end product look neater and better

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