Interior Home Painting

Interior house painting

Is an all year deal. This can be done in rain or shine. We will come in and help you make your decisions on everything from your home decor to paint colors and coordinating the painting project. We will discuss with you what is the best selection for your trim work and what colors to pick for your walls.

Professional painting company

is one of the main parts of our business and you can expect the highest quality and standard in this industry. When Mississauga handyman comes on site you can rest assured all aspects of the painting project will be executed in professional and timely manner.

Room painting

preparation work is a must. Everything that has to be moved will be moved and everything that has to be covered will be covered such as floors and large furniture.

Preparation before painting

inspect all walls for holes or damages such as nail holes from pictures or cracks in the wall which will be taped with fiber tape and then plastered and sanded. All plaster repairs and then will be primed to seal plaster from the wall preventing paint bleed through.

Wall painting

after the walls have been repaired primed a minimum of two coats of high quality latex wall paint will be applied starting with a straight crisp brushed edge around all walls and trim work and then two coats of professionally rolled paint on the walls filling the space between the brush marks

Last Inspection

– comprehensive and full task walk-around with your crew.
– last touch-ups where needed.
– location clean up.
– last project perambulate ProTect Painters owner.
To make sure your needs are covered after we leave, we likewise offer a free of cost 2 year warranty on all work we carry out.

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