Interior House Painting


Interior house painting

is the single most inexpensive home improvement you can do.
When you hire a professional painting contractor to do painting and decorating in your home you will get some additional benefits to that besides just simply painting. As a professional house painting contractor Mississauga, when we start painting homes the first thing we do is make sure whatever we paint will be in tiptop condition or at least as good as possible for the situation.

We are talking about prepping before painting. This is probably the most important aspect of a professional paint job.

Prepping for paint involves first of all making sure that there are no holes and cracks in the walls. We repeat her all holes and cracks with a quick dry mixable sandable drywall compound. You mix up a small batch of this compound and applied over the crack or hole. Some holes or cracks might be large and in these cases what you do is you put a fiberglass mesh tape over them to cover them and ensure that if the wall expands or contracts it won’t crack open again. Proper sanding and priming is done there afterwards.

Looking at the wood trim work now we make sure that all trim is firmly attached to the wall and also we make sure that there are no gaps between the wall and the baseboard and also no gaps between the door casing and the wall. All  connecting wood joints  in the trim are inspected to make sure that there is no evidence of cracking or open gaps. In this case what we do is apply a little bit of latex caulking into fine shallow cracks and if there are large cracks we might opt to plaster with some non-shrinkable wood filler.

This is the part that most people don’t do which is the most important part to make the final interior painting look good (thoroughly prepare the walls and wood trim)

Once the wood trim has been caulked and repaired it will be sanded and spot primed.

Of course everyone thinks they can properly paint their home and some people actually can.

Mississauga handyman painting service does this continually year-round practicing and sharpening our painting skills. What might take a homeowner and a week to paint will take us possibly a day to paint. Our interior painting work is neat tidy and quick how long you to enjoy your home sooner.

If you’re looking for a professional

Mississauga home painters

feel free to give us a call we are close by in Mississauga Ontario by the Lester B Pearson airport and you can call us at 905-956-8974 for an interior painting quote.

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