interior house painting estimate calculator

interior house painting estimate calculator

Interior House Painting Estimate Calculator,  for the right painting estimate

Mississauga Painter is a professional house painting company since 1979. We know how to paint. You are going to pay for a high-quality paint job using the best quality paints applied by experienced professional house painters. We have been decorating residential and commercial properties for homeowners landlords and real estate agents. We are capable of repairing broken walls and damaged trim such as door frames and window frames and baseboards. We also fix drywall and drywall ceilings with stucco. We re-spray stucco and remove stucco making a flat painted ceiling. We even do kitchen cupboard repainting we can turn your dull old looking kitchen cupboard doors and cupboards into modern updated looking kitchen cabinets. 
Our interior house painting estimate calculator
The homeowner mustn’t forget that these prices include all the preparation work involved in painting bedrooms. We first inspected to make sure that all the cracks and holes are taken care of with plaster, and then sanded and primed. And only after that we commence with painting.

Interior house Painting Estimate Calculator

starts with the walls on average sized 3 rooms for


Perhaps 3 Bedrooms? Or how about a Kitchen, Dining Room, & Living Room? Or maybe even an Entrance, Stairway, and Upstairs Hallway. The choice is yours!
add more ROOMS

$130 each

Rooms larger than 12 x 12 may be considered extra.
Thcalculatorfor 2 coats and therefore allows for a color change.


$40 /room (flat ceiling with empty room)

$80 Stucco

If the ceilings are changing color the price would increase by $25/room.

$40 /single door $50 /double door

If the closets are changing color the price would increase by 60%.

Frames: ……$15 each baseboard: $40 /room Doors:……… $10 /side

If the trims and doors are changing color the price would increase by 60%.

interior home painting estimate calculator

Our little chart ( interior house painting estimate calculator ) should help to enlighten you on approximately how much money you should budget for your painting project.

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