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A Basic Guide to interior painting Mississauga

Interior painting Mississauga is a home improvement project that many homeowners take on by themselves.  Some even make it a group project and round up their friends and family members to help out.  It can be fun to decide on what color scheme to use, go shopping for all the tools and materials, set up the area to be painted, and get to work with the prepping and painting.  It is even more fulfilling when you see the results of your hard work.  Obviously, this kind of project takes a lot of time, money, and effort.  That is why it should be properly planned, so you do not waste any of your resources.

Why You Should Re-Paint Your Interiors

Your interior walls can take on an old and drab look after some time.  Even if you maintain and clean your walls regularly, your old paint could depreciate over time.  It could also accumulate dirt and grime that could cause mold growth or pest infestation.  Interior painting Mississauga services prevent these and give you a fresh look and feel.  If you intend to sell your house, giving your interiors a fresh coat of paint should allow you to considerably pull up the value of your house in the market.

Choosing the Right Colors


In choosing paint colors, you must familiarize yourself with the color wheel. Color wheel makes it easy for you to harmonize your choice of colors.  A good color scheme is composed of complementary colors.  Choosing colors for this scheme makes use of the “opposites attract” method where you pick colors from opposite sides of the wheel.

An example would be the orange and blue shades. Another is the yellow and violet combinations.  In the art and design world, these colors are considered to be balanced and appealing.and can give balance to the colors in your room, making it appealing to look at.

Getting Started with your interior painting Mississauga service

Once you have determined what color scheme you want to use, you can already get started by getting a good idea of the size of the area that you want to paint.  Use this to estimate the amount of paint you need to finish the project.  Getting accurate measurements will give you a close enough estimate so that you can avoid running out of paint halfway through your project.

Off hand, you can use a ratio of a liter of paint to about four square meters of surface area.  If you are painting a wall with doors and windows, subtract their measurements from your total surface area to be painted.  Just as you do not want to run out of paint, you also do not want to get stuck with several cans of paint that you will not have a use for.

Make sure that you protect your furniture and floors.  Before you bring in your painting gear, you want to move furniture out of the way.  Cover other furniture and fixtures with old newspaper, an old shower curtain, or any other big sheet of paper, fabric, or plastic that can catch paint droplets. Do the same for your floors as well.

It would be wise to remember that paint often gives off a very strong smell. Open your windows to ventilate the area and to let the paint dry quicker. All walls should be ready before you start painting.  Remember to prime the surfaces, especially if you have dark and stained walls.

When you start painting your house, it is better to do the largest room first. Paint the trim comes first and then the ceiling.  Do the walls last.  This will prevent you from making a mess or from ruining the paint job on the lower areas when you do the paint, the higher areas.  Also, while you have to clean up after you are done painting, you have to wait until the paint is fully dry before you bring in your furniture and fixtures.   


Your house painting project may take a day or two to complete depending on how big the area you are painting is.  It will be tiring, that’s for sure.  But, it will also be a rewarding experience.  You can beam with pride as you look at your newly painted home and see the results of your hard work.

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