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Interior Painting Condo Over Beige Walls

The customer gave us a 1250 ft.² condo For Inside Painting. It has two washrooms and two bedrooms and a den. The entire condo is painted with a dark beige color. Also the trim work, baseboards and doors and door frames are also the same dark beige color. Everything was previously painted with a flat latex paint on the walls and a semigloss latex paint on the trim.

Paint Preparation

The customer was going to originally paint the condo himself but decided it would be too much painting work for one man. He did go around and plaster some of the holes from pictures hooks on the wall. Unfortunately there was not much value in this work because it have to be re-plastered because the original plastering he did was inadequate to cover up any holes or cracks. We use a professional dry drywall compound called sheetrock 90 that is mixed in a trough and an applied over all the holes and cracks leaving adequate amount of material to be sanded off to make the wall nice and smooth. All the plaster repairs have to be afterwards spot primed to prevent any flashing on the plaster through the paint. Make sure that spot priming is done in such a way that it does not leave heavy roller marks or brush marks, it should be smooth out and feathered.

Priming Walls

Once all the preparation work is done the entire condo from floor to ceiling has to be primed with a high hide quality latex primer. The walls and doors and baseboards are not to be primed. Now is the time to inspect the walls one more time to make sure that there is no forgotten repairs on the walls and trim. If everything is all right and there is no more needed repairs then you should sand all the walls with 120 grit sandpaper lightly sanding everything. The sanding is only to take off any small pieces of debris and specs.

Applying Finish Coat

The entire process can be redone again now with finish coat latex paint. In this case we used a color called “cloud white”that is virtually a white-collar with a hue of brownish yellow but so subtle you would not see the difference it will still look white. We start off by painting all the door frames and trim first. The reason this is done because it's easier to paint the wall into the trim that is to paint the trim to the wall. It's a lot harder to put the brush on its edge and carefully paint the edge of the door frame.

Painting Walls

Now that all the doors and baseboards are painted it is time to edge all the walls in to the ceiling and the trim work with the brush. Brushing in the wall requires a good quality latex paint brush that holds a lots of paint and can work the paint goes smoothly so there are no paint edges. Make sure that you always watch what you paint and don't leave behind any heavy deposits of paint with the brush make sure that you always work out the edges so that there is no rough spot on the paint when you rollover it with the roller. When the entire room wall panels have been brushed in it is time now to roll the entire room.

Additional Coats of Paint

Once you have painted the entire room and it has dried check to see if there is any spots that need more paint. In some cases the brushwork might show up as a frame around the wall. Sometimes a brush work requires a second coat and sometimes the roller work requires a second coat or sometimes they both require second coat. The only way to tell this though is you have to let it dry completely to identify if you need to repaint something.

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