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A bright and sparkling-new kitchen does not always stay that way.
A kitchen is a busy, lively space. It is one of the few constant places where your family builds a lot of happy memories. Because of the busyness often associated with this warm and happy place, the kitchen goes through a lot of wear and tear. Its looks can easily turn tired and dull. Don’t be surprised if one day you find that your kitchen does not look as exciting, fresh, and charming as it did before.

Painting kitchen cabinets
Nice fresh look after kitchen cabinet refacing, kitchen cabinet painting

Kitchen Renovation


A lot of people think about having their room for cooking food remodelled to give it a fresh new look. You probably do, too. The thought of remodelling, however, can be quite intimidating.
Remodelling is often messy, involved, and expensive. You have to tear down cabinets and replace them – a project that requires time, effort, and a huge budget.
Fortunately, you don’t have to tear out and remodel your entire kitchen to give it a fresh new look – especially if your cabinets are in good structural shape. You don’t have to demolish your kitchen cabinets just because you are tired of how your kitchen looks.
If you don’t have the budget nor the time required for kitchen remodelling, you may go for other easier, faster, and more convenient ways to update your kitchen ( our professional painting services) – at a fraction of the cost of a total do-over. You can achieve a dramatic new look without replacing all your cabinetry.

kitchen cabinet refacing, kitchen cabinet painting
kitchen cabinet refacing, kitchen cabinet painting

Painting Kitchen Cabinets

So when you are looking for a custom kitchen, painting pantry cabinets is one of the fastest and most effective ways to give your kitchen an instant facelift. If your cabinets are still in tip-top shape, you can bring them back to life through the application of fresh paint.
A fresh coat of paint brightens up worn, dated, and drab kitchen cabinets. It makes your kitchen look warmer, brighter, or more welcoming.
Painting pantry cabinets is cost-effective. It revitalizes cabinets at a fraction of the cost of completely replacing them.
Repainting your cabinets is fast and convenient. It transforms dark and dingy-looking cabinets and makes them look fabulous and modern. It helps bring a lighter and brighter look to your cabinetry. It makes your kitchen look more inviting and more spacious. It creates instant value.

Benjamin Moore Cloud White is Our Favourite Colour

Professionals have access to a wide range of modern painting tools, products, and techniques. Get highly skilled people for painting kitchen cabinets for you and you are guaranteed professional high-quality results. With the application of a few well-chosen paint colours, your kitchen will look beautifully rejuvenated in no time at all. Benjamin Moore is our preferred paint to use for cabinet paints they are excellent for kitchen cabinet doors and boxes. With this paint, you’ll virtually see no brush marks. This manual application looks virtually the same as spray painting at much less cost. We do all the same things as spray painting such as remove the cabinet hardware and prepare the doors and cabinets. Our painters: refinish kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinet painting and white
Look-alikes this is with Benjamin Moore cloud white

Refinish Room Cabinets

Reface kitchen cabinets is another option for upgrading or sprucing up your room for cooking food without having to buy and install new cabinets. It is another convenient and inexpensive way to give your pantry a fresh, new look.
Finishing tends to wear down after several years. It makes cabinets look scuffed, tired, and shabby. If your pantry I thought you were coming down cabinets is made of excellent and sturdy material, however, they will still have their integrity and solid good looks underneath the worn-out and scruffy exterior. You simply have to refinish them to bring them back to their lustrous, beautiful, and like-new condition.
Cabinet refinishing makes use of your existing cabinets. You clean, sand, and spackle the doors and the drawer fronts, as well as the cabinets. You remove grease, filth, and other similar build-ups. You strip off or remove the old finish. You prime every part to make the surface dirt-free and adhesive. You then apply fresh paint or stain the doors, drawer fronts, and cabinets to restore their beauty and lustre.

Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet refacing is another way to spruce up your kitchen or give it a radically different look without having to spend big bucks on it.
Door and drawer fronts usually wear away more quickly than cabinet frames. If your cabinet frames are still in good shape, you don’t have to replace them at all. You just have to replace doors and drawer fronts.
Cabinet doors tend to “shrink” as an upshot of moisture, heat, or changes in temperature. They become crooked or misaligned. Doors that don’t open or close properly are not only annoying. They look shabby. They make your kitchen look old and worn-out. Refacing allows you to replace unfashionable or crooked doors.
You have a range of options when it comes to design, material, and finish. Finishes are usually manufacturer-applied. This cuts down on your downtime. Installation is quick and convenient.
You don’t change the cabinet frames (or boxes). You just apply a new veneer or coating over the front or surface area of the cabinet boxes. You can use the melamine-based Rigid Thermafoil (RTF) or a natural wood veneer or stain to match the new doors and drawer fronts.
Refacing also allows you to upgrade faulty hardware. You can get new drawer glides, hinges, and handles to make your kitchen look more contemporary. You can also install storage accessories, lighting, glass panels, crown moulding, and other optional accessories as you see fit.
Refacing allows you to revitalize your kitchen cabinets and make them look attractive and new. It allows you to enhance your kitchen’s looks, and make it more sturdy and hard-wearing without making you spend too much on the changes.

 Refinish Kitchen Cabinets:

If your kitchen cabinets are terribly water-damaged, warped, or hopelessly falling apart, you may have to get rid of them altogether and have a total make-over. If they are in good condition, however, you don’t have to replace them at all.
Your kitchen is part of your daily life. You want to feel inspired or excited by how it looks. Painting, refinishing, or refacing your kitchen cabinets are quick and affordable ways to smarten up your kitchen. They are not as expensive or disruptive as a total cabinet replacement.
They give you the following advantages:
They are cost-effective.
You don’t have to spend on new units – an expense that is usually unnecessary, particularly if you already have high-quality cabinets that only need a little modernizing or refreshing to look sensational again.
They are convenient.
You don’t have to go through the hassle of having entire cabinets hacked out and replaced – processes that are expensive, time-consuming, messy, and quite disruptive.
You get beautiful results.
If you have professionals do the job, you are certain to love how beautiful and well turned-out your cabinets will be when the job is done.
Hope you have enjoyed some insights to refinish pantry cabinets.

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