Kitchen Cabinets Painting Tips and Make Over

Kitchen Cabinets Painting Ideas

Kitchen cabinets before, varnished oak

Kitchen Cabinets before, varnished oak

Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Painted Kitchen Cupboards in White

You might have been thinking about changing the way your kitchen looks, you might even be thinking about upgrading your kitchen cupboards.

These cupboards aren't cheap to buy also you have to consider once you buy them you need an installer to put them in properly.

You can do a vast improvement over the way your kitchen looks by checking online and looking for terms such as "kitchen remodel designer" or "kitchen makeover" or "room decor" this will give you a broad overview of what you might be able to do with your kitchen cabinets and kitchen overall.

Generally speaking most homeowners who redo the kitchens on a budget or at least try to stay within a budget minimize their purchases to the main things that can change the way the kitchen looks. Generally the kitchen cabinets boxes will remain the same whether you buy a new box or an old box. What will and can change are the doors and the hardware and of course the number one issue an item would be the countertop. The countertop is probably the most important aspect here because it is a want to change the way the kitchen looks the most. If you buy a marble or granite countertop replacing the original melamine countertop you have already done a vast improvement. A stone (marble or granite or some other exotic stone top) is generally the way most people do have a relatively healthy budget go.

Once you have decided how you are going about painting,

let's say for example, you are going to replace your kitchen countertop and repaint all your kitchen cabinets you need to decide where you are going to do this.

Will you be painting your cabinet doors in house or send them out for spray painting? If you decide to do all the work within your home you have to decide where you are going to do it. You have to consider how many doors you have and how much space you have to be able to put them out to dry between coats of paint. It's always advisable to put two coats of paint on.

There is a process that Mississauga handyman uses when doing kitchen cabinet painting within the home.

Size up the amount of kitchen cabinet doors and space you need to store them while drying. If you have a lot of doors to be painted maybe it's best off that you paint the door and entire cabinet and a few at a time to full completion. It is difficult to find space for cabinet doors to let them dry between coats. Also you might get confused as to which door goes on to which box if you have a lot of doors that looks similar.

How to paint kitchen cabinets process.

Now that you have decided on your plan of attack and you have laid out areas for your door degreasing and sanding and then where to paint that possibly another station ora handy spot . The degreasing and sanding is a good idea not to have in the same room where you might be painting. In this case door sanding was done in a totally different area. These doors if they are close to the cooking area might have lots of grease on them and especially at the tops of the doors as it settles over months into a thick layer that has to be dissolved and cleaned thoroughly. Don't skip this step because there's no sense painted the doors if you're painting over, it won't stick. There are number of products out there that will remove grease, if your doors are relatively clean with not too much grease on them then I suggest using  tri sodium phosphate also known as TSP and if you have caked on grease you might want to use a varsol solvent to cut the grease. There are other products out there such as spray 9 from Canadian tire.

Spray the degreaser on to the door sparingly but just enough to make sure that it does do the work and wash and wipe the door. Let the doors sit until they are totally dry and ready for some light sanding. We usually use a fine sandpaper such as 180 grit or enter on there not to create scratches.

Before painting come up with a plan of action of where to put the doors and how to take them there. The simplest way of painting the cupboard doors is by painting one side at a time. Decide whether to paint the front or back and keep that throughout the project. We use a kitchen cabinet paint from Benjamin Moore called “advance”. This is a specially formulated paint that has some good characteristics such as good a leveling of the paint and a slower drying time and then a regular latex paint. And this is what allows it to flatten out to a nice smooth finish. When applying this material is workable for a minute or two until you have the texture you desire which would be obviously a nice smooth finish.

Applying the paint

We use a combination of brush and roller. They the door down flat on the table. Take your brush (a good quality they that brush that is soft enough not to leave brush marks) paint in all the indentations and grooves. Next up is to use a very high-quality dense 4 inch roller with about a 10 mm nap. Roll out the entire door and pay close attention to the center parts of the door/panel part with the groove in it. Role this section of the door perpendicular to the group so the roller touches all parts of the group rolling into it. This gets rid of the brush mark in the groove which will be a smoother and shinier part than the rest the door and the texture will not be the same.

Second coat of paint

If you have painted a number of doors they should all be sitting up against a wall on the corner edge of the door to prevent paint from getting on the wall and coming off the door. Probably by the time you're finished the last door for this section you will be able to start from the beginning again with exactly the same procedure.

Painting second side of the door

You can replay exactly the same procedure as for the front side of the door or back side of the door whichever one you did first. But this time we use small little pyramids that the door sits on elevating the door away from the work table top. This helps to prevent the door from sticking and scrape the paint off and secondly it also enables you to be able to paint the edges all the way around the door.

You can repeat this process for both first and second coat.

Ready to install doors

When the doors are dry enough that they can be handled without damaging the paint job. Hopefully you have numbered the doors and their openings to correspond. This way you won't be guessing where the doors go because you put a 1 or a letter a on some inconspicuous spot on the door and the frame/box. I usually put my letter or number in the pocket that the change goes on. This way there is no guessing. Also I remind you that make sure that you are door handles are also in the correct position because if you turn your doors from left to right the doorhandle will be either up or down and it will look awful funny if all your door handles were by the ceiling instead of down by the counter. We usually use a pair of white gloves not to get the white doors dirty. Use a magnetized driver to hold the screw so you will be able to line up and insert the screw without it falling down. Sometimes we run across situations where the doors were not aligned properly and we have to make adjustments at that point. Lining up kitchen doors requires little knowledge on how the hinges work in which screws when moved will either move the door up or down or in or out.

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