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Laundry Room With Stripes


Laundry room with stripes is another way of upgrading and updating your laundry room

Laundry Room With Stripes
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Liven up your Laundry Room With Stripes and make it more useful and interesting to be in.

Want to fancy up your laundry room looks a little boring?

If like most people there’s not too much attention paid to the laundry room, no one has walked in and did a laundry room makeover/interior decorating but you would like to make it a little more attractive and fun to be in.

Besides the normal things such as keeping a tidy and clean with everything in its appropriate places, you can dress it up with some painting and some extra accessories. I noticed there is a nice article on ways to dress up a laundry room. They call it a laundry room makeover under $100. Mind you can’t go very far on $100 but you can try. If all you think you want to do is to apply stripes to the room this you can get away with around $100.

First of all, if you decide you want to make stripes you have to get your base color down. The base color is what you going to be painting your stripes onto. Once you have done all your wall repairs and cracks and so on and painted you’re ready to start your stripes.

Think about the size of the stripes you want to do how wide they are? Obviously, the wider the stripes are the fewer stripes you’re going to have. And with the fewer stripes, they will be less taping involved and less room for error. If you make a lot of stripes it will take obviously much longer time you have to do accurate measuring and leveling for each stripe which will take 2 rows of painters tape parallel to each other surrounding the room if you decide to do the whole room.

The way that we usually do this is we use the ceiling as our baseline and measure down from there since your eyesight usually judges from the ceiling down. Mark off your edges top and bottom of each stripe. If your ceiling is level then you don’t need to use a level to level the stripes. But if your ceiling is not level its best off to create a control line at the very top and then measure down from there every time.

Here you can be fancy and make Laundry Room With Stripes larger as they progress downwards or vice versa to give it some interesting flavor.

We usually use a tape called “frog” tape which sticks and seals very well and prevents any bleed under. Makes a nice straight clean line when you pull the tape up.

Now that you have all your taping done you can put on your stripes. Usually, the best way to do this is to paint your stripes and while the paint is still wet it’s easier to remove without tearing into the stripe. Because sometimes when you put a lot of paint over your stripe and onto the tape you might end up actually pulling the paint up as you move the paint away from the wall and that will ruin the nice clean straight edge.




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