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residential painting and commercial painting are the backbones of our business. We have done house painting for many many years. Everyone is happy and pleased with our painting job. From interior painting to exterior painting. You think you'll have a new house after one of our exterior painting jobs.

But mostly we do interior painting we are a professional interior painting company. But we do offer exterior painting services to our residential and commercial clients.

While you have found one of the best "Local Painting contractors In Mississauga", we have been doing business in the GTA (Toronto at Mississauga Brampton) for over 35 years. We have painted detached single-dwelling homes to apartments and condos. so if you're looking for painting contractors for any painting projects this is the painting business to call

We paint from very basic wall cleanup repainting done after tenants leave the apartments through to completely restoring and repainting custom colors throughout the home.

Depending on the needs and budget of the homeowner we can do as much or as little preparation as allowed or needed. Preparation work can involve repairing drywall such as nail holes from pictures or removed shelving and cracks in walls and separating tape joints. We can plaster and sand, prime and repaint walls to bring them back up to standards.

Painting project

residential and commercial buildings, exterior house painting, commercial paintings services for any commercial painting projects, we are not only residential painters (we supply a professional painter on all residential interior and exterior painting projects.

Yes we do excellent drywall

sealing small nail holes, sand, prime, and paint with two coats of paint. Our drywall repairs are second to none you will be extremely happy about the quality of finish of the drywall repair. You'll never know it was there. We can go through your entire house fixing any drywall for you.

 Our painting services and commercial painting

We have a proven painting process that works. When doing house painting you need professional painters to get the job done professional and timely manner.

In some instances, though more work is required because more repairs are needed or there are some,
special painting applications
involved in the new paint job.

Some additional work that might be considered would be the highlight and accenting walls, painting trim such as baseboards and doors and windows.

Ceiling Repair or Ceiling Painting

In some instances, the ceiling whether it is a flat ceiling or was a stuccoed ceiling. Ceilings after a while get dull and dirty and possibly even damaged from furniture being moved around or water damages and stains such as smoke from candles and cooking.

In these instances, if the stucco ceiling has never been taken before the ceiling first half to be painted with an oil-based paint or primer because when stucco is sprayed on it is a water-based soluble compound which dissolves when in contact with water therefore an oil-based primer paint will not dissolve or loosen any fresh stucco.

If the condo or apartment is a number of years old it could mean that just painting the walls would not be enough. You can sense and detect old trim paint on a new freshly painted wall. It just doesn't look right, the trim paint has no vibrance and looks tall compared to the freshly painted wall.

We recommend to people at your walls and trims at the same time to give the condo an overall freshly painted look and not just like a touchup paint job.




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