Makita tools 18 V circular saw building a wood deck and carpentry

Makita Tools, cordless circular saw as advertised on Kijiji

Deckbuilding and deck repairs, home improvements need first-rate quality Makita Tools, cordless power tools, much like the ones found on somewhere like power drill guru, that can last throughout the course of the day without slowing down or stalling. They are very handy for a number of reasons. Mainly because you are not dealing with an extension cord. Extension cords can be sometimes problematic because they might not be long enough or hard to keep out of the way when working. Also if the extension cord is too long the saw will be starving for the proper amount of electricity because the cable is too long.

Lots of times we have to cut the wood far away from the working area making it difficult to get an extension cord out to the saw but if you don't need an extension cord and can cut the wood without an extension cord it makes life that much easier and quicker.

The Makita cordless circular saw is quite a handy tool that can do many cuts before charging as you can see in the video we cut all around this hot tub on a single charge cutting through 2 x 6 deck boards. of course, it is not as powerful as the 110 V corded saw but it does do the job more conveniently.

Of course, Mikita's tools are limited to just doing outside work. Battery-powered power tools have come such a long way in their efficiency. It is much more convenient to use non-corded power tools on a renovation job if the work to be done is not a long repetitive process that requires a long and continuous power to apply to something. You can see that a lot of contractors don't put corded drills in their tool cases anymore but a battery-operated version. Most commonly contractors use either Mikita power tools or Dewalt power tools. Both can be purchased at Home Depot. There are a number of other cordless power tools/battery-operated such as Milwaukee which is quite popular and Ridgid tools cordless power tools.

Makita Tools

Makita tools-Cordless circular saw

– Never have to worry about blowing the circuit breaker when using cordless power tools
– don't have to carry around extension cords anymore
– don't have to look for power outlets
– never have to worry about the power cord getting in the way of the tool
If you are using all the same brand cordless power tools using the same type of batteries you can come with fully charged batteries to the job site. In Mississauga handyman's case, we have 2 complete lines of cordless power tools, Mikita tools, and Festools for which we have multiple batteries each. If you know what type of carpentry work you will be doing, come prepared with proper tools.

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