Mdf or Wood Bathroom Baseboards- which is the most suitable material?

 MDF or wood bathroom baseboard question

Real wood. Poplar trim is what I use for bathrooms or basements. It is hard and holds up to moisture well. If you get the plastic stuff it will look like... plastic. It would have to really be in a modern room or business setting to look right.

I would suggest getting poplar (pine is cheap and has moisture bulging issues) or some other hardwood. Give it a first coat with drylok. Follow up with whatever you want. I would suggest an oil-based paint for bathroom trim though - it is tougher and cleans up better.


Mdf or Wood Bathroom Baseboards That is the question

Mississauga handyman does a lot of repairs to water damaged areas and places where baseboards and drywall can't stand up to moisture. Many times we have walked into washrooms where the baseboard by the floor has got bubbles and ripples and bulges because of water penetration. It is not wise to use particleboard-type baseboards  In washrooms or laundry rooms or even kitchens for that matter. When the floors are being washed a certain amount of water will seep in under the baseboard into the wood where it directly affects the material baseboards made out of by dissolving it and making it swell. This turns into an ugly site after a while. Mississaugahandyman strongly suggests if you are replacing Mdf or Wood Bathroom Baseboards buy a good solid wood "Poplar is a good choice preferably something like hardwood. The hardwood has to be treated with a good oil-based primer that will shed and protect it from water. Then you can paint the baseboard with anything else you want.
Hopefully, this gives you some insight on whether to use MDF or wood bathroom baseboards.


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