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It’s that time of year again when people are starting to think about Mississauga deck repair, doing work on their decks. Decks over the winter take a beating with all the very cold temperatures mixed in with humidity. When wet/moist wood freezes and breaks the cells and fibers of the wood, degrading the wood every year also causing broken boards and rotting wood not to mention the wood loses its good fresh look.

Every year “Mississauga decks staining and Deck repair get calls around this time with people wanting to have their decks. It’s amazing how many people neglect to their deck year after year and then all of a sudden they want it fixed economically.

It is much easier to maintain a deck yearly by washing it twice a year and making sure that there are no leaves stuck between the planks and any other forms of growing vegetation that will cause rot eventually.

Most of the deck’s people are inquiring about needing a power washing and deck sanding. Usually, when the deck sanding is done it will bring out all the bad boards and planks and rot that you would never have been seen before this process. And at this time and assessment can be done as to what to do to the deck. Sometimes it is as easy as removing a few boards and replacing them with some fresh ones. Most decks are covered with 5/4 deck boarding which comes in links from 8 feet long to 16 feet long. Some decks are nailed to the joist (the frame structure holding the deck together) which is not a good thing for two reasons

A – nails tend to lift out over time and lose their grip on the attaching wood.

B – it is harder to sink a flat nail without making a dent in the wood make it more difficult to countersink.

Mississauga decks don't have hammer marks On their deck repair
Mississauga decks don’t have hammer marks on their deck repair

On the other hand, if screws are used is easier to use a screw gun to depress the screw farther into the wood. Also, screws have more holding power.

Sometimes the underlying wood which is the floor joists has developed a softness due to water staying on top of it over a course of a number of years. In these situations when a screw won’t be able to bite into the woods strong enough to retain the board it is better to attach and another joist adjacent to the existing one and then screw your planks to that board which is fresh wood and will have good screw retaining strength.

Preparing the deck is the most important part of any deck staining or painting. Make sure that the deck is clean and not wet before applying paint or stain. If you paint or stain on top of wet wood is guaranteed it’s going to come off sooner then you would like. It is good to do deck staining in weather that you have some consecutive dry days along the way to dry out enough that it will soak in the stain. Wood tends to swell with moisture and in the early spring is difficult to get the moisture content of the wood low enough to accept the stain properly.

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