Mississauga Handyman services, carpentry and drywall repair

Mississauga Handyman carpentry and drywall repair

Mississauga Handyman Carpentry and Drywall Repair

Mississauga Servicemen: Features and Benefits

Quick response to repair inquiries.
From the initial inquiry through each stage of a repair or renovation, our communication is clear and timely. In many cases, a quote can be given when a customer provides photos and descriptions of the work needed.
In some cases, an in-person free quote is arranged at the customer’s convenience. 
 Discover our top-rated services.
Our top-rated maintenance services are:
Carpentry and Drywall Repair
Mississauga handyman carpentry and drywall fixing, for drywall repair, our most asked for service probably the most common request that we get. Everyone needs drywall repair at some point. The drywall repair can be caused by a number of things such as water damage or something scraping up against the wall leaving a large scrape in the drywall. Sometimes when there is a plumbing problem or an electrical problem the servicemen will have to cut holes into the drywall to examine what is behind it and what is causing the situation. In some cases, there are multiple holes in the drywall. These holes are sometimes as small as the size of a coin where the electrician or plumber would put in a camera probe to look around and sometimes the holes are so large that the actual hole has to be covered with a larger fresh piece of drywall that will fit snugly into the opening and then secured with either strips of wood behind or metal tabs or even sometimes a piece of drywall larger than the hole trimmed back an 1.5″ from all sides leaving the drywall good side Whiteside,face paper intact, and inserting the drywall forward into the hole leaving the perimeter paper to be plastered to the existing drywall. This all depends on the size of the hole. Also, there are premade screens from “Richard” that will cover the hole laying flat over it allowing multiple finned layers of plaster. And then sanding to make it smooth. Drywall repair compound varies its types. You can purchase dry mix compound which you mix with water to activate it and then there is compound is ready-made which can be installed directly from the pail or box. When you are trying to repair the hole or drywall damage quickly it is not advisable to use ready-made drywall compound because it takes a long time for it to dry. Mississauga handyman usually uses a drywall dry compound such as Sheet Rock” and it comes in multiple drying times it is advisable to use sheetrock 45 which sets in 45 minutes which is not sandable for approximately three hours. The nice thing about this is that you can put another coat over top of it just after it starts setting. Prior to putting the second coat of sheetrock on you can scrape off all the tool marks left behind from the first coat of drywall plaster. Leaving a nice smooth finish to put the second coat on. And finally you can do a third coat the same way and every time you should expand the area levelling out to a smooth transition. This way you will not have to do any or much sanding. No one likes to sand plaster repairs on drywall because of the dust. So the better the drywall job the less the sanding. On some occasions, the paper corner tape at the wall and ceiling juncture has separated or ripped. We suggest that you crosscut the paper at the point where it is still securely embedded in both the ceiling and the drywall wall. Do the same on the other side so you have a section of the cut piece of drywall tape that has been damaged and now can be removed. Carefully pull away the paper corner tape leaving an empty space. You will be replacing this with a fresh piece of paper drywall tape. You need to crease the tape down the middle and fitted over the area you are going to repair. And then apply drywall compound over the area both sides where the paper tape was removed. With the paper quantitate still with the crease inserted into the spot where it was originally fitting it in with your fingers and then take your plastering knife holding the tape and pulling the knife he opposite way squeezing out access mud (drywall compound). Smooth it out so it is nice and even and smooth. You might need a second or third coat depending on the situation.
Carpentry work
Is another popular service that we offer for most people that need to upgrade the interiors of their homes or rooms. Houses that were made in the 60s and 70s used a different style of trim and size of trim. A lot of trim was very plain looking, just a flat board with a bullnose edge on it and the doors or slab doors no designed on them.
Baseboard removal and installation are probably one of the most requested Mississauga handyman carpentry services we offer. Baseboards get beaten up quite often especially around entranceways and staircases. And places were there were water damaged areas. Here we end up doing carpentry and drywall repair.
Homeowners get the biggest bang for the buck by changing all the trim (baseboards, window casings, door casings) in their home. This has a big effect on the style and feel of their home. When you’re looking at a boring 2 1/2 inch flat baseboard or window or door casing and compared to a 4 1/2 inch colonial series casing there is a big difference. It is quite impacting.
If you decide you want to go one step further and really make a difference you can change your doors and hardware such as doorknobs and hinges. A lot of people have doorknobs this can be changed to door handles.
If you decide to go with exchanging your doors with new ones there is a good chance so that the new door will need adjustments to fit the old opening if you are just simply changing the door.
If you decide you want to exchange your entire door and jam with a prehung door that can be purchased at your local box store it already comes with new hinges. All you have to do is by the doorknob or handle set. Sometimes this is the most economical way of doing this because you might not want to save your door hardware or you have damaged doorstops that have to be replaced anyway so better off to just simply replace the whole door assembly with a premade prehung door. Prehung doors already come with holes for the doorknobs whereas blank doors do not come with already made holes for passage sets. If you have no experience in lining up and boring these holes you might make a mistake which could cost you the cost of the door.
Other services offered by Mississauga handyman carpentry and drywall repair are crown moulding installation, walk-in closet renovation and custom bookshelves and boxes.

House Painting 
Mississauga repairman painters are very professional house painters at your service house painting is a skill. It might seem easy and not difficult to paint a room such as a bedroom or a living room. It’s always easy to watch a house painter paint. You look at him paint and you think yourself there’s nothing to do it. There are certain things that have to be done before and during the painting to ensure that the paint job in the room or the whole house is done properly and will last. There are lots of considerations for the paint job in a room. First of all, does the paint cover properly? Does it hide the underlying colour? Was the preparation work done properly? Proper preparation involves fixing any cracks or holes and repairing them with drywall compound or if necessary use fibre tape to span open cracks and plaster. We have seen in some instances were the DIYer/home order did this type of repair themselves and there were bumps and indentations from the repair patch. These would not happen with Mississauga handyman painting services. We have many years of experience with drywall repairs and preparation work for painting.
Secondly, now that the walls are prepared and ready for painting our Mississauga painters start by brushing in all the edges of all the walls. We carefully and accurately and I must say quickly paint a straight-line at the ceiling on the wall. With years of experience, our professional painters can stay off the ceiling maintaining a straight edge exactly at the corner of the ceiling and wall.
And finally the rolling is done equally as well. We make a decision on the type of paint that is being used as to what type of paint roller we will be using. Generally, when using a high-quality paint like Benjamin Moore regal we use a 1/2 inch Roller sleeve, this generally lays down the paint nicely without excessive amounts of paint being deposited. QUICK NOTE: using a top line paint like Benjamin Moore regal or Sherwin-Williams Emerald paint really eases the process much less labour involved to make a very good quality finished the job. Using lower grade discarded paints and up with either ugly finishes or excessive amounts of paint being used up to cover properly.
a professional painter always covers floors and furniture to prevent any paint accidents. It’s much easier to cover the floor and cover the furniture than to clean it also it might not clean up properly even so.
Our professional house painting company have all the most up-to-date painting tools and equipment available for the painting contractor. We only use the best quality paint brushes and paint and even our painting trays are of higher quality ensuring a nice smooth easy saturation of paint to the roller or brush.

Kitchen Cabinets Painting
is one of our Mississauga handyman services in high demand as you can see from our reviews. People are amazed at what we can do with their kitchen cabinets. Kitchen cabinet painting is another one of our famous services. There are people that can paint kitchen cabinets but it looks like it has been painted by hand, paintbrush and roller. Mississauga servicemen painting services have developed techniques, and also uses the best highest quality kitchen cabinets paint available. Kitchen cabinet painting is the same as any other paint job. Is always important to prepare prior to doing any painting.
The first thing to be done when preparing for kitchen cupboard painting is to ensure that all the homes belongings are protected. By this, we mean that if there is any glassware or trying anything that might be damaged should be removed put to a safe place.
Next, the countertop will be covered to protect it against any damages. In some cases, the customer might want the inside of the cabinet also painted so the cabinets have to be totally emptied and then properly cleaned. Since these cabinets might have foodstuff in there that might be sticky in spots and greasy spots that will have to be thoroughly cleaned out and dried.
In all cases, a light sanding with light sandpaper such as 150 greater 180 grit sandpaper or sponge will be used to deglaze and rough up the surface for the paint to adhere to. This goes for both inside and out of the cabinet.
When all the cabinets are cleaned the next step is to remove all the cupboard doors in order so we will be able to put them back in the same place. When painting cupboard doors on site we set up a painting workstation where we thoroughly sand both sides of the door and the edges. When we are confident that the sanding was performed properly we then remove all the dust off the door and place it in a clean spot. We do all the doors the same way.
Painting the doors is the next step we systematically paint each door one coat. It is not advised to try to paint the door with only one coat. We always paint two coats and sometimes even three coats on all our doors and cabinets. The paint we use is high-end highbred paint which is a mixture of oil paint and latex. The oil paint allows it to smooth out and gives it a very nice levelling property and the latex gives it its hardness/durability. The two cabinet paints we use are either Benjamin Moore “advance” or Sherwin-Williams Emerald “urethane”. We have experimented around with many different types of paints and these are the only two paints that work very well.
New door hardware is sometimes requested before we put back the door handles or knobs. In some cases, the customer will elect to install door handles as opposed to doorknobs where we have to drill a second hole to accommodate the handle or sometimes we have to relocate the entire handle and then fill the whole were the old doorknob was.
Kitchen cupboard paint colour selections. Everyone has their own tastes in colours. If you are unsure of what colour to paint your kitchen cabinets and you are afraid to make a wrong choice don’t worry you are not the only one. Mississauga handyman painting has over the years painted 90 or 95% of all the cabinets white or some sort of white which is a very good idea. Almost all homes have white kitchen cabinets and if you look at new homes (subdivision type homes) they are all white except for custom cabinets. White doesn’t mean white like white writing paper, white is some sort of tinted shade that looks rather light but isn’t stark white.

Stucco Ceiling repair/ Stucco Ceiling removal is also becoming very popular
One thing for sure that popcorn ceilings date your living space. Generally speaking, they are a pain in the butt their hard to keep clean because they are almost like dust traps. You can’t wash them like you would a regular wall. And if they get damaged either through water damage or a ceiling scrape there very hard and costly to repair.
Stucco ceiling repairs
any kind of repair done to a popcorn ceiling requires the same to be reinstalled. When popcorn is installed it is sprayed on by a machine. There are different sizes of stucco, fine medium and large most the time it is a medium size stucco that is sprayed on ceilings. This stucco can be purchased at Home Depot stores and it comes in 20 kg bags. You mix the stucco powder with water for a soupy consistency with a paddle mixer on the end of the drill. The stucco must be mixed thoroughly to make sure that there are no lumps in it. The stucco then has to be poured into a hopper of a popcorn spraying machine which you can rent at Home Depot or Lowe’s. If you are doing a touchup repair due to scratches or something very light that doesn’t require any plaster repair you can blend in the stucco to the existing stucco. Watch carefully not to overspray one spot (it will be definitely noticeable) then blend out on all sides lighter.
Painting popcorn ceilings
most probably popcorn ceiling repair will show up as a different shade of white so it will be noticeable. If the ceiling has never been painted before you will need to paint the ceiling with oil-based paint. If you try to paint the ceiling with water-based paint you will dissolve the stucco since stucco dissolves by water.
Holes in stucco ceiling repairs
this is a very common issue from things like water damage or electricians creating holes for pot lights or doing some other exploratory work. Sometimes water damage degrades the gyprock the point it is no longer safe or it is peeling at falling apart. Mississauga handyman drywall repair can fix the damaged ceiling with fresh drywall and then respray the stucco.
Stucco/popcorn removal
this is becoming very common people are no longer wanting to maintain their popcorn ceilings especially if there was some type of damage done to it it is time to remove it. Mississauga servicemen services offer a quick and easy way to remove your popcorn ceilings and Venti re-plaster and repaint to a smooth white finish. We use the most modern tools to sand off existing popcorn to a relatively smooth finish. Some plaster repair may be required because when the stucco ceilings are sprayed on they don’t do a finish plaster job. And this saved the builder a lot of money. Stucco/popcorn ceilings hide a lot of imperfections. When all the popcorn has been removed from the ceiling and the ceiling has been skimmed coated with plaster it can be painted. And you will have a nice brand-new flat ceiling.

Mississauga Carpenters ( Home-Improvement/Home Maintenance) are also a part of our handyman services

Bathroom renovations or Basement renovations
Whether You are interested in a bathroom renovation or basement renovations, We can do your home improvement or home repair
Quick completion of repairs,
routine building maintenance, and small reno projects.
In both the residential and commercial sectors we are able to respond in emergency or crisis situations (such as water damage caused by a pipe that burst) and get your home or office back to its original state of repair in record time.
Expert craftsmanship.
Our handyman our experienced expertly skilled craftsman who accepts work only within their areas of expertise. When we agree to a job we deliver cutting edge skilled tradespeople who complete tasks in a highly professional manner, adhering to building codes and generally accepted best building practices.
Dust Free Interior renovation.
From the use of dust extraction tools for stucco removal and drywall sanding to zip wall dust isolation enclosures for power saws, we create the smallest mess possible when repairing and renovating your home or office.

Friendly, Honest and Easy to Deal With. Repairs and renovations can be stressful.
We put our customers at ease with our professional conduct, quality work and friendly nature. Many of our customers are comforted by the fact that we are also their neighbours!
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