Mississauga Handyman: Features and Benefits

Mississauga Handyman: Features and Benefits

Mississauga Handyman

Quick response to repair inquiries.
From the initial inquiry through each stage of a repair or renovation, our communication is clear and timely. In many cases, a quote can be given when a customer provides photos and descriptions of the work needed.
In some cases, an in-person free quote is arranged at the customer's convenience.

Bathroom renovation or Basement renovations

Whether You are interested in bathroom renovation or basement renovations, We can do your home improvement or home repair
Quick completion of repairs,
routine building maintenance, and small reno projects.
Residential and Commercial
In both the residential and commercial sectors we are able to respond in emergency or crisis situations (such as water damage caused by a pipe that burst) and get your home or office back to its original state of repair in record time.
Expert craftsmanship.
Our handyman our experienced expertly skilled craftsman who accepts work only within their areas of expertise. When we agree to a job we deliver cutting edge skilled tradespeople who complete tasks in a highly professional manner, adhering to building codes and generally accepted best building practices.
Dust Free Interior renovation.
From the use of dust extraction tools for stucco removal and drywall sanding to zip wall dust isolation enclosures for power saws, we create the smallest mess possible when repairing and renovating your home or office.

Above and Beyond
We also go above and beyond when covering and protecting floors and furniture from the heavy traffic common to most construction/renovation sites.
Our business is insured and our workers are covered under our WSIB account. Your home or office, the people in it, the craftsman and their helpers are all protected in the event of an accident.
Friendly, Honest and Easy to Deal With. Repairs and renovations can be stressful. We put our customers at ease with our professional conduct, quality work and friendly nature. Many of our customers are comforted by the fact that we are also their neighbours!Top 25 Awards
Mississauga Handyman has been selected as one of our Most Popular Home Improvement Specialists!

Awards received for 2017:
Most Popular Home Improvement Specialists in 2017
Most Popular Home Improvement Specialists in 2017
#2 Most Popular Home Improvement Specialist in Mississauga
#3 Most Popular Home Improvement Specialist in Peel
Find out more about our Most Popular Awards.

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