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Is a new playlist which I’m opening on My Mississauga Handyman Reviews Channel. We will be presenting to you some of the reviews which our painting and carpentry business receives for its services.

Our Mississauga handyman reviews will consist of primarily the following services:

House painting or condo painting

This is the mainstay of our business where we will paint someone’s home whether it be a house or a condo. Mississauga handyman painting company is a well-known professional house painter providing premium quality painting work. We do not skimp on any part of the painting process or the quality of paint. We deliver on the value of the painting contract. In other words if it is an economy paint job it will be priced accordingly and if it is a high-end home paint work will be performed to match the quality or surpass it. Our painters are skilled tradesmen with many years of experience at the painting trade.

Interior or exterior carpentry

Over the years Mississauga handyman has done interior and exterior carpentry work on many homes. We specialize in interior architectural wood trim finishes such as baseboard repair or replacement and broken door repairs or replacement we also install wood shelving and crown molding. In the summer months we also do deck building and repairs.

Kitchen cabinet painting and or repairs

We also can repair and paint your kitchen cabinets sometimes making it look better than new with newer hardware and hinges. Many customers don’t like or get tired of their existing kitchen cabinet door colors and want to repeat them some more modern looking color.

Stucco ceiling repairs or removal

People have damaged stucco ceilings either from water stain or simple scratches from either moving furniture around or bad drywall where the drywall tape are separating and making it bad ceiling joint. These all can be repaired and re-sprayed with stucco (stipple). Or on the other hand the entire ceiling can be removed, plastered and repainted to make a flat ceiling.

Mississauga Handyman
Address: 3778 Corliss Crescent
Mississauga, ON L4T 2Z5
Phone: (416) 568-3547
Email: mississaugahandymanservices@gmail.com

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