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With the hustle and bustle of these days people are too busy to take care of their own home repairs. This is not even mentioning if they're planning on doing any home improvements.So check out our handyman services, they are reasonably priced and competitive with other high quality professionals who are qualified.
Home repairs
can be as simple as anything from fixing a light switch plate, for example if the plate was broken to remove it and replace it with a new one or even taking a hammer and securing a section of baseboard back to the wall with a few nails. Most men are at least this capable and some are quite capable but don't have time. Something as simple as nailing/securing the baseboard to the wall might be done but the aesthetics of it might not be as pleasing as a professional repair.
Home painting
a lot of homeowners to save money take a chance on their painting skills and attempt to paint a bedroom or other living space on their own. The paint does get on the wall but the question is how well. Some cases the rolling is good but the brushwork is terrible and the intersection between the wall and the ceiling is wobbly and not straight or on the other hand it might be roller marks and blotchy paperwork on the walls from bad paint rolling techniques. The homeowner uses the wrong paint roller and doesn't know how much material to apply. This creates a blotchy uneven surface. Of course this all takes know-how and practice and when a homeowner doesn't paint frequently they don't have the practice and know how required to make a good paint job.
Kitchen cabinet repairs
I have found that most homeowners don't hesitate to call someone who is familiar and has working knowledge on kitchen cabinet hinges and doors. These changes are quite complicated to adjust. Adjusting kitchen cabinet door hinges require three-dimensional adjustments making the door sits properly, flat on the cabinet and parallel with and parallel with the rest of the doors. And sometimes the hinges are damaged or loose, making it very difficult to adjust. Since most kitchen cabinets are made of compressed material such as particleboard or waferboard or MDF, once a screw has been over tightened and stripped people no longer keep the hinge secure at which time professional handyman is required to fix this problem.
Broken doors
this is another situation were is difficult for a homeowner to do any repairs to broken doors because they do not have the equipment needed to fix or install new door. Something as simple as a broken door with a perfectly good door jam and casing needs to be professionally installed because it requires a number of dedicated specific door installation tools. The door has to be trimmed to size 1st of all to fit the opening properly and then the door has to have the hinge side mortised out for the hinges this in itself requires a certain amount of knowledge and experience to make sure that the hinges all lined up. Next the door has to be hung and swinging making sure that the door does close and open properly, next you have to bore the holdout for the passage set (doorknob) and this has to be done accurately and correctly making sure that it lines up with the striker plate. This is done with door boring jig and a powerful drill. Also there has to be a certain amount of know-how as to what offset the doorknob is that making sure that the passage set will fit and function properly. As you can see requires a number of tools required to do this operation not mentioning the ability level required.
Kitchen cabinet painting
is another area that most people do not attempt to do because it is the most obvious aesthetics in your home. If kitchen cabinet doors and cabinets are painted wrongly they look ugly and terrible and if it is already done it's difficult to fix if not impossible. There are two ways of painting kitchen cabinets.
Spray painting and roller painting. Spray painting kitchen cabinets is the best way of painting kitchen cupboards and doors. It gives the most factory finish look. A professional painter with lots of years of experience can mimic a spray paint look specialized hand tools (rollers and brushes) that can make it look very very good. Selection of painting materials specifically designed cabinet and furniture painting that allow the paint to smooth and flatten out giving it a smooth and lustrous look should be used. Knowing which ones these are our trial and error by the painting contractor knowing which one works the best.

stucco ceiling repairs

are another home repair that most people will not consider attempting to do and that they have most probably they still will call a professional stucco repair man to complete the job. There is a certain art skill required to make the ceiling look original. With the people that do attempt to try to repair the damage stucco ceiling they usually go to Home Depot and buy a stucco ceiling spray touchup can. They attempt spraying the area with this touchup can and find out that it looks ugly and totally different than what's on the ceiling and then they call us to come and remove the repair it properly. They could have saved the time of going to Home Depot purchasing the can then going through all the effort of spraying it onto the ceiling only to discover it was a waste of time. When stucco ceilings are sprayed they are sprayed with a special piece of equipment that is adjusted to spray a certain texture at a certain rate and density and if this is not achieved you will have a mismatch on the ceiling. And the second part of the issue is that if the ceiling is an all ceiling with all stucco (aged over time, yellowed or grayed) he will not match the rest of the ceiling.

FEMA - 42428 - Home Repair after Flood
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