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Drywall repair is one of the most important aspects for, getting good painting results.

House Painting in Mississauga, Ontario

Mississauga house paintersMississauga house paintersMississauga Handyman has been doing house painting since 1979. We provide the services you need most to make your house a home. We use high-quality paint, provide suggestions, and respect your home while we work. Our house painting services cover every room, from the attic to the basement! Mississauga Handyman customizes services based on your budget, schedule, and house painting requirements. 

Five-Star Painting Services

Mississauga Handyman has painted all kinds of houses in Ontario, including Georgian, Neoclassical, and Colonial Revival. We also work on apartments and condos. Our team is composed of seasoned workers who know the best tool for any job. 

Our process begins with evaluating the job. Rest assured that our painters in Mississauga know that homeowners aren’t at ease with strangers in their home. Coordinating with you will make the entire process go smoothly and quickly. Mississaugua Handyman aims to give you peace of mind by having you involved in the process.

To make it convenient for homeowners, we will ask them where they want us to start if we’re painting the entire house. Our painters in Mississauga strive to accommodate everyone. If we’re painting a two-story home, for example, it is not wise to work on all of the bedrooms at the same time if they can’t be done in one day. In such cases where there were many posters and things attached to the wall, we will need to do drywall repairs and for this, it might take two days to finish a single bedroom.

Once the room has been cleared, our team will remove all switch and receptacle plates, as well as door knobs and door stoppers prior to starting preparation work. We will cover the floors and any remaining furniture with plastic and drop sheets. The plastic coverings protect the furniture from drywall dust and paint while the drop sheets protect the floor from marks and splatter.

Once the room is fully prepared, we will examine the walls and trim work, including doors, baseboards, and windows. Our specialists will look for cracks, holes, and any irregularities.

Have a few rooms that need a make-over? Just bought a new home with outdated designs? Call us today in Mississauga for a free estimate!

Getting your home ready for interior painting.

Do painters repair drywall?

Well of course

Drywall Repair

important facts about drywall repair in fixing damaged drywall. Sometimes drywall repair is needed when there is a water leak. Water leaks are very common water damage to drywall

We have different types of drywall repair methods that can be incorporated into any damaged drywall and trim work project. We use dry plaster compound to fill holes or cracks and over drywall screw holes in drywall, you definitely do not want to have a hole. in your wall and if necessary, we will use fibre tape over large cracks that would eventually open up again if not properly covered. We usually apply two coats of plaster repair to accomplish a smooth drywall finish that will later be sanded, primed, and painted.

Drywall repair is essential for surface preparation in any wall the wall has to be free of cracks and holes. In many instances, the corner bead sometimes gets damaged and needs drywall repair. The corner bead is installed over the surface of two pieces of drywall giving it a more powerful edge. It is not usually done with drywall tape because it is too soft for damage.

Trim Painting

The trim work will be inspected. Our team will remove any gaps between the mitre joints by filling them up with paintable caulking. The wood will be sanded down to a smooth surface and then primed for paint.

If you want to update the trim work in your house, we can do that, too! From windows and doors to baseboards and crown mouldings, let us bring your home into the twenty-first century. Our painters are happy to review your designs and provide expert advice.

If you require ceiling painting, we will do stucco ceiling removal before we start preparations on the walls and doors. Stucco ceilings may contain harmful chemicals, such as asbestos, so it’s essential that we remove it. We will go more in-depth about stucco or popcorn ceiling removal and other services you may require when you call us and on the day our painters begin work.

Prime Painting

do you have to prime drywall repairs before painting?

Yes, you do, priming drywall repairs are essential because if you do not you will have problems in areas where the repair was done with something called bleed through meaning that you will have a dull spot because the plaster is soaking in the shine of the paint. Furthermore, all the drywall repair areas have to have sanding prior to painting. Every fellow Pro painter are experts at this procedure. This gets your walls free of holes and cracks and water stains and any nail holes also.

After preparations, it’s time to prime. When the painting involves a drastic change in colour, it’s smart to prime the entire drywall area with primer to neutralize the background colour. This will not only make the job easier, but it will also save you some money when applying the final coat. If it takes a gallon of paint for a room, and you use up an additional gallon just to prime the room, you’re better off using primer and not wasting the extra money on more paint. Primer generally costs about $40 a gallon whereas the paint can cost double that for a gallon.

After priming, our Mississauga painters will do another inspection to ensure that nothing was missed. Rest assured, we will make any necessary corrections. Mississauga Handyman is a five-star painting company. 

Wall Painting

Rolling walls is the last thing we do. Our team takes a systematic approach around the room while evenly applying the paint. We ensure that there are no watermarks from the roller affecting the paint. We use special painting rollers that deposit the paint smoothly and evenly. We do not attempt to finish painting on the first coat. It’s wiser to put two thinner coats on the wall, than one thick coat. It’s more than likely that it will not cover everything, and you run the risk of a bumpy surface texture.

Home Staging

Real estate agents have welcomed Mississauga Handyman painting services on home projects. When people are selling their homes, and they hire an efficient real estate agent who knows what they’re doing, they might suggest doing a paint revamp to bring back the natural beauty of the home. To ensure your home sells, you want to hire a top company in the province, like Mississauga Handyman. Our painters embrace transparency and a solid work ethic. 

Professional House Painters at Your Disposal

Mississauga Handyman is happy to assist you with your interior painting. We’ve been serving Mississauga and Ontario for over 30 years with quality services, such as house painting, kitchen cabinet paintingdrywall repairs, and more! Painting a couple of rooms can cause a lot of stress for homeowners, so imagine taking on your entire home! Let us handle the work and save you the headache. Give us a call today for a free estimate. When you call 416-568-3547, ask for Vic!

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Ali Gulmus
Ali Gulmus
00:01 05 Jan 20
He repaired my ceiling and siliconed the glass in the bathroom. The price was reasonable and the job was over quality.... I recommend Mississauga Handyman if you need a repair in your home.read more
Leigh Aslanis
Leigh Aslanis
01:00 03 Dec 19
Thanks to Vic and his team; my paint job was for the entire home and it was done very well. They were on time, cleaned... up at the end of each day and were a pleasure to have in my home. Easy to recommend them to others.read more
Brenda K.
Brenda K.
18:18 16 Nov 19
Mississauga House Painters did a great job of painting my Mother's living room, dining room and trim. They responded... quickly to provide a quote and to get the work done. I would use them again and highly recommend them.read more
Ali Hazari
Ali Hazari
04:56 06 Nov 19
came in on a holiday on short notice and did a great job fixing dry wall. great service and very nice to deal with!
Denise Lam
Denise Lam
16:12 11 Jul 19
Mississauga House painters did an amazing job with painting our main door and garage. (photos of finished work) They... were very professional and highly skilled and very friendly.I would definitely recommend them. Thank you Mississauga House Painters Team and you really left a great impression. Five Stars all the way!!read more
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