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Some of the Services of Mississauga House Painters drywall repair and Carpenters

Mississauga House Painters and Carpenters

Mississauga house painters initially started painting back in 1979 but quickly moved into certain aspects of home improvement. We not only do condo painting/house painting which is the main part of our business we also do drywall repairs which are very closely related to painting.

Stucco ceiling repairs

are also a part of the painting business because many times Mississauga painters and carpenters how to do ceiling painting or repairs and in some cases popcorn ceiling removal. Stucco ceiling repairs and removal are complicated in the fact that it is quite labor-intensive. Since the stucco house to match uniformly across the ceiling the repair has to be done perfectly to ensure uniformity. This takes some experienced by professional painter to be able to match the existing stucco texture. Stucco texture has to be achieved by a couple of different factors.

Of course there are three major sizes of stucco, find medium and course and there are also flying medium requires spray nozzles for spraying stucco. Another major factor in the texture will be the amount of water added to the mixture in combination with the speed that the stucco will be applied and sprayed. All this takes into account experience stucco spray man. Get this combination wrong and it will not look good.

Interior carpentry

As painters we always run across situations where the trim work in-house wasn’t quite right and in good enough shape to paint. Many times we have had to replace door trims/broken door trim and even sometimes doors. With this type of work we evolved to interior carpentry work hence “Mississauga painters and carpenters”. There were times when wood baseboards were so damaged and in broken shape that we had to replace them “re and re baseboards. Sometimes it’s very helpful because older homes have older style baseboards which would need upgrading eventually anyhow. And this is the perfect time to do such a thing.

Deck Building and Repairs

In the summer months starting as early as and of April through to September or October we do deck power washing and deck staining and deck pairs and building. We also repair fences and fence gates. Wood decks get tattered looking over a number of years. That’s coloration fades quickly and starts looking bland and left long enough and the stain almost comes completely off the deck will look gray and dry.

And good power washing and then a thorough deck sanding and finally a coat deck staining will bring the dead back to life.

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