Mississauga interior painters and carpenters Serving Mississauga, Oakville

Mississauga interior painters and carpenters

Mississauga Painters

 Mississauga interior painters and carpenters

Mississauga interior painters and carpenters Serving Mississauga, Oakville 1

Mississauga handyman is a professional Mississauga indoor painters and carpenters carpentry business only who deal strictly with an interior painting which would include such things as changing the color of your room since a lot of people like to change their surroundings occasionally to freshen up their space. It's possible that someone could call us because they have been living in a dark color shaded room making them feel very and bored. Color can greatly affect one's mood. And this is why people have their favorite colors because their favorite colors make them feel good. Another byproduct of room painting would be to do any drywall repairs and filling cracks and holes from old pictures that were removed. And to fix up any open gaps between the baseboard and the wall which does not look very good at all. Baseboards do separate away from the wall over time requiring the gap to be filled back in again to make a nice smooth transition between the baseboard in the wall. The same goes for door casings sometimes door casings separate away from the walls also. We use a high-quality gap filler called “Alex plus”paintable caulking which can be painted half hour to one hour afterward. Depending on how you filled the crack, it will affect your brush lines. If you leave a large amount of caulking in the crack that it will be difficult to establish a straight crisp line with the paint. But if you are careful and remove all the access caulking you will be able to paint a straight edge to the door casing or the window casing. An experienced house painter will be able to perform neat tidy and efficient painting throughout the day getting a substantial amount of work done.

installing doors and baseboards

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Mississauga Carpenters

As a professional house painter and carpenter, we will also be able to repair baseboards, remove and replace baseboards. We also are handy at removing and installing new doors, prehung doors, and custom doors. These are skills allow us also to build built-ins, walk-in closets and also installed wood crown moldings to spruce up your rooms. Generally, any type of wood trim work in a home can be repaired or replaced by Mississauga handyman painting and carpentry.

Drywall Repair stucco ceiling repair

Mississauga Interior Painters also Stucco Spray Popcorn On Ceiling

Additionally, we also stucco (spray popcorn) ceilings and repairs. Many times people have water stains from water damage caused by overflows from the upstairs bathroom or some leak coming in from some other area above causing an orangey brown stained in most cases or a black mark which is even worse because that represents mildew. We can also remove the entire popcorn stucco ceiling and make it flat with a couple of fresh coats of plaster and then afterward prime and paint the ceiling giving you a brand spanking new flat ceiling.

Mississauga Interior Painters and carpenters services

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Deck and Fence Repair And finally we also build and repair wood decks in the summer months. We can replace rotting or broken boards or we can reinforce wobbly railings or steps or just simply replace them with new ones.

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