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Many times homeowner in Mississauga needs not only a painter in Mississauga but a handyman that can do various other things. Mississauga painters can do a multitude of other associated tasks to get that job just looking perfect.

It is not uncommon for a professional seasoned house painter to be able to do quality plasterwork and drywall repairs. Of course if you doing a drywall repair you will need to do plasterwork to refinish the broken drywall. People are scared to do any painting if there is drywall repairs to be done because they're worried about bumps in the wall or just simply bad looking plaster repair.

Some homeowners sometimes require wallpaper to be removed and then the wall painted. On many occasions it's not quite that simple. When removing wallpaper the wall can get damaged and nicked and scratched from the removal process on the scraper or putty knife damaging the drywall. Also when removing wallpaper which is quite a messy job you might get your floors dirty or possibly even damage your ceiling when you're wetting the wallpaper to remove it. This is where skilled Mississauga painters come in handy. We know how to protect your stucco ceilings and your hardwood floors.

Our professional painters do excellent work on painting wood trim such as wood doors and frames along with painting baseboards very accurately without getting paint on the floor or over painting a wall with the trim paint.

All trim painting when Mississauga painters, professionally painted wood trim is properly prepared such as: sanding all wood trim making sure that all the surfaces are smooth and all the joints are tight with caulking. Professional house painters will also remove all your doorknobs when painting doors to ensure that there is no paint touching the door hardware. Some homeowners aren't able to remove and reinstall doorknobs without much trouble so they go ahead and just paint around the doorknob and get paint on them.
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