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Recently Mississauga painters were doing a job helping out a customer painting their new home. The homeowner had employed two different painting companies to speed up the house painting process. One thing that one learns in the painting business is you cannot cheat the customer it comes back at you and haunts you. When we painted the bedrooms in this home we did not do any shortcuts. You cover the floors properly, first of all, to make sure that there is no unnecessary cleaning at the end of the job no one likes the clean floors. Then all the walls were inspected for holes and damages that were corrected with plaster and then sanded and smoothed out. There was a full coat of primer installed onto the walls and then sanded. This is the first part of the Mississauga painters painting process.

Ceiling painting

Our next professional painting procedure was to spray paint the ceilings and crown moldings with a nice even smooth coat of flat ceiling latex paint. We removed all the light fixtures from the ceiling. It’s very difficult to be able to obtain such a finish without a sprayer. The ceiling looked very smooth and velvety and perfect.

Wall painting

Here is where most people cheat a lot, they tried to get away with only one coat and almost did in this circumstance. Mississauga painters do not believe in trying to pull the wool over the customer’s eyes by saying there are two coats when there’s only one. First of all, it takes much more effort to put on one coat that it does to put on to quick coats. A lot more attention is paid to really try to work in evenly as smoothly the paint onto the wall to make sure it’s covering and sometimes you have to go over the few times just to ensure that and this takes a long time going forward and backward ensuring hundred percent pain coverage. A good painter should be able to paint the wall quickly and evenly without leaving too many thin spots. There will be thin spots here and there of course but that is the reason why we put on two coats. A light sanding to get rid of any debris might be good here using very fine sandpaper not to scratch the paint job. The second coat will cover up anywhere where there’s a thin spot. Usually, the second coat of paint also requires much less paint than the first one does. Another important issue is to make sure that you’re using very high-quality interior latex paint which enables you to spread the paint evenly and thinly.

After the paintwork is done there should be no dead spots in the paintwork such as places where the paint might have a little bit of discoloration or loss of shine. This is the reason why the paint job should be completely dry before the second coat is put on. This seals the first coat preventing the second coat from lifting the first coat. At different parts of the daylight will shine in the room from different angles displaying any irregularities in the paint job such as doll spots or shiny spots are places where the paint has been missed or very thinly applied.
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