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Okay, you decided to go ahead and get some house painters and paint your home with Mississauga painting service or do some painting in your home such as your hallway and staircase and the kitchen for example. You have been talking this over with your partner for a while now and decided to have the paint job done. You might have already gone online looking around for ideas to choose colors for your home. You might know what colors you like but not quite sure of the shades and combinations of colors that you might want to incorporate into your house painting. Will the colors compliment each other or will they clash? This might be one of the questions that after you decide to go with our painting services from Mississauga handyman. You are probably thinking about the cost of what the painting project will cost. House painting is a professional trade that is acquired over time and practice. If you practice (paint rolling and paintbrush work) time and time again you will become an expert at it. This expertise leads to very accurate good-looking paintwork done much quicker than a homeowner would be able to do this or a novice painter. There are many novice house painters who are looking for work claiming their professionalism and do this by advertising low rates for painting. They might be a few dollars cheaper than Mississauga handyman painting company is but don’t come with the professional results that we come with.

Expert house painting service practices when
you see us paint you’ll see the ease and speed which we move it. Our wall painting is done by first preparing the room by either removing furniture from the room or putting the furniture into the center of the room and then covering the furniture with light plastic to ensure they do not get any dust or paint on it. Then we proceed to cover all the floors likewise to protect them. And then and only then do we start working on the walls.

Residential painters –Preparing for painting
your house painting service we examine all the walls making sure that there are no holes or cracks. Once the holes or cracks are found we fill them with a quick dry plastering compound that is sandable. After the plaster has dried we sand the plaster repair/drywall repair flat and smooth. This is one place where a novice painter might do a bad job because a good painter will sand the plaster repair smooth to the rest of the wall where a novice might sand it by hand and create a lump or depression in the wall and I have seen this many times. When these repairs are patched and sanded next would be to spot prime them. If the spot priming is not done right it will show up on the finish paint job. First of all, when a spot priming is done it has to dry completely before the finish coat can be applied because otherwise, the spot prime is ineffective causing the finished paint shop to have dull spots where the repair was done.
Wall painting


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There are good paint jobs and there are bad paint jobs identified by the way the wall looks. I have seen were the paintbrush work on the wall at the ceiling is wavy because the painter does not paint a straight line or incapable painting a straight line. This comes with years of practice to be able to achieve a straight paint cut. A good painter will not use tape for a couple of reasons, 1 – takes too long and secondly it leads to further work if paint gets under the tape. A good professional painter will be able to paint a nice crisp -looking straight line in a matter of a minute on a wall to be painted. The straight line of paint will be applied in such a way that it does not sag or drip and leave any paint brush marks. This is important from the looks of the final paint job on the wall. You don’t want to see any brushwork on a painted wall. Next when all the brushwork has boxed in the room everywhere then it is time to fill it in with two coats with the roller. The roller work again has to be done with the skill to make sure to create a nice even smooth finish on the wall. An experienced professional house painter will be able to choose which roller and what size nap to use on the wall. A heavy roller nap should mainly be used for rough surfaces where a medium or low pile nap can be used for painting walls (drywall). When applying the paint with the roller onto the wall there are techniques that will allow the paint to evenly dispersed over the wall. Professional painters always use a “W” pattern to start painting the wall. The W pattern allows the paint to be deposited onto the wall and then worked out from end-to-end to give the wall the nice even smooth finish. This procedure can be done throughout the room. When all the walls have been painted you must let them dry completely which usually takes about two or three hours for a totally finished drywall and then you can recoat it again with another layer of paint. Trim painting This is where a lot of painters fall short. When painting any Windows or doors and door frames and baseboards there are certain procedures done to make this look as good as it can maybe even better. There are lots of painters who do not take care to do a good paint job on the trim work in a house. They neglect to do the proper preparation work prior to painting and then the actual painting itself is done non-caring only. In preparation for painting the trim the first thing that has to be taken into consideration is any damages to the trim such as broken sides, cracked wood trim, open miter joints and nail holes that were never filled in. All these have to be either plaster repaired with special wood putty and then afterward caulked in with something like Alex plus paintable caulking which makes a nice definite transition between the wall and the trim. Some painters do not know how to apply the caulking and leave a rounded transition between the wall and the door frame. Good painters will apply the caulking and then wipe it down with a wet cloth to ensure that there are no rounded edges on the caulking. This also applies to the door stop which is within the door casing that stops the door from swing past door latch. Lots of painters apply the paint in streaky paint brushing leaving a rough finish on the door frame and casing. In some instances, this can be sanded out smooth but this is time-consuming and is costly. A door frame and casing should be painted in such a way that it does not leave any brush marks. This procedure is done by applying the paint evenly and smoothly part by part. No one wants to see brush marks on a door or door frame and sometimes this is the problem that inexperienced painters do. Painting does take some patience and practice.

Other things our professional home  painting services can do

An experienced professional house painter with years of experience has done numerous kitchen cabinet repaints. There are two methods that can be used when painting kitchen cabinets. One method is by spray painting all the kitchen cabinets and kitchen cabinet doors which will be obviously a more expensive procedure. And the other method will be by painting the doors and cabinets on site by hand. Both methods actually can be done on site without removing anything from the kitchen except take the doors off to paint them. When considering painting your kitchen cabinets after deciding what color you are choosing to paint them you have to think about how you want to get them painted. Spray painting is obviously the most factory finish look you can achieve. But when spray painting cabinets some painters will remove the doors and take them to their shop and spray them and just do local spraying on the actual cabinet boxes on site. This involves an additional fee for packaging and transporting the doors. These days with the new kitchen cabinet paints on a manual paint job can be created quite effectively. The paints these days drive slower and level out nicer creating a nice smooth finish not allowing any brush or roller marks. These paints are generally a hybrid paint that is a mixture of oil and latex. These paints adhere very well to the kitchen cabinet doors and cabinets boxes. Of course, all the preparation work has to be done prior to painting such as decreasing all of the cabinets removing any grease or contamination that might cause the paint failure. Nothing will stick to grease. The grease all has to be cleaned off with trisodium phosphate degreaser which eliminates any grease and makes the door and cabinets ready for painting. All the kitchen cabinet door hardware and hinges have to be removed and then the doors have to be identified as to where they came from off the kitchen cabinets so they can be replaced back in the same place. Kitchen door painting will be done first by painting either one side or the other allowing it to dry and in our case we painted twice on, one side allowing it to dry between coats. Then afterward we flipped the door and then apply two coats of paint on the backside or front side of the kitchen cabinet door. Meanwhile, we paint the cabinets themselves with the same procedure. When the doors are completely dry we reinstall them using gloves to make sure that we do not get the doors dirty. Some kitchen cabinets are made of melamine and others are imitation wood and some are actually real wood that has been factory spray finished with a clear finish such as urethane. And in these cases, they are all sanded down with a very fine sandpaper to ensure adhesion.

Furthermore, some painting contractors can do other things like paint stucco ceiling. In some cases, the stucco ceiling paint can be done easily because the ceiling has been previously painted and the stucco has bonded not allowing the water to won’t dissolve it. What if the stucco ceiling has never been painted then it is advisable to paint it with an oil paint the oil paint will not allow it to dissolve and ruin the stucco. Other times you might want to pick your stucco ceiling is when there are stucco feeling repairs or there was a water damage creating a water stain on the ceiling. Water stained ceiling can be pre-painted if the water damage has not damaged the integrity of the stucco. If the stock was still firm and solid it can be primed with a stain blocking sealer to prevent any more stains from bleeding through. Sometimes the stain blocking sealer such as SPS from Benjamin Moore might be enough to blend into the original color of the stucco but a lot of the times the stain blocking sealer will either be lighter or darker or too gray or something. And in that case, you will have to repaint the entire ceiling. When painting the ceiling only, it is difficult if the walls are to be kept original. All the walls have to be masked off to prevent any paint from getting on them.

Mississauga interior decorators –Interior home painting is one of the cheapest inexpensive home upgrades that a homeowner can do. House painting is a very common occurrence for most homeowners. Homes generally get repainted every 3 or 4 or 5 years.

Here are some reasons why a home gets painted:

  • the owner gets tired of the colors
  • the owner’s children grow up and they want new colors
  • owners children to grow up and now all the walls have to be repainted from the kids marking them up.
  • You’re putting the house up for sale and preparing for home staging.You are renovating your home at which time you will need to paint.
  • You have had some damages done to your homes such as a water damage or smoke damage.
  • Your walls are becoming yellow and discoloring or fading.

No matter what the reason is, it’s best to get a professional reputable house painter that you can depend on and is offering their painting services at a good value. A good house painting contractor,( Mississauga painters)serving Mississauga,Rexdale, Etobicoke, and Toronto,  that has a good track record will be able to paint your home in just a few days depending of course on the size. The painting contractor will arrange with you and discuss the schedule of the painting work required. The painter will be able to accommodate you for your needs and work with you on which rooms went to paint and also be able to coordinate getting the rooms ready for painting. Most places where there are more bedrooms involved the painter could paint 2 out of 4 bedrooms leaving the other 2 bedrooms occupied while they are being worked on. Also many times people are tired of the way their kitchen cupboards look and would like a change of fashion. Many standard subdivision homes have natural finish oak wood cabinets. Painting a room with a vibrant color such as Red is a very difficult task. Watch how we get it done correctly. These kitchen cabinets look very dull and plain with no zest or color to them. Just by simply painting these dull looking cabinets with a vibrant color, for example, matching your hardwood floors mahogany hardwood color would greatly bring life to your kitchen and living space for example. Or if you had any other flooring color you might want to mimic that on your kitchen cabinets. 

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