How to Paint Bedroom Beautifully

Bedroom painted freshly.

How to Paint Bedroom Beautifully
House painting specifically bedroom painting entails a lot of hard work from choosing the right color to blending it with the furnitures inside to estimating the cost of renovation. It might help when saving up for renovations to double check that you have the best value for money coming from your quote. My friend tells me Money Expert have some great comparison features, but I digress. Whether painting the room for a new member of the family --a new baby perhaps, or just simply transforming the bedroom or the kid's bedroom and giving it a new twist, or just wanting to transform the bedroom to one's own personal style and taste, the wall color you choose is the answer to setting just the right tone. The color you choose for your bedroom can also come from the type of bed your choosing for your bedroom. If you are redecorating your whole bedroom or your children's bedroom, you can easily pair the color of the bedroom with the bed and other types of furniture. If you're interested in this, you might want to check out the type of bedroom furniture somewhere like at
Choosing the Right Color
Color or the lack of color can change everything. Paint can give a burst of brilliant depth to drab, dull, worn out walls. The room size, light source, wall height, and architectural elements are some of important considerations when choosing the right wall color in bedroom painting.
Try sampling the paint you choose to a portion of a wall and see how well it looks at the different time of the day. Choose paint colors that would make a room well coordinated, comfortable, and even look bigger when space is small. Avoid using overly energetic colors to make a room more appealing than an eyesore.
On wall imperfections and other factors
Before one begins bedroom painting, considering wall imperfections and other factors is necessary. Doing the following steps could make sure a better job of hiding imperfections:
1. Get rid of old paint and prep the walls.
Using a scraper remove any peeling paint on the wall. Wash all surfaces with water and TSP solution using sponges mop. Rinse again with water and dry thoroughly. Sanding up the wall can also help the paint to hold.
2. Fill those holes and cracks.
Take time sealing gaps, and patching holes. Cover up those holes and gaps a little past those edges and smooth out the surface. A good recommendation is to prime over those patching for best result.

3. Make sure that surfaces are clean and dry before painting
Free up the room of dirt and dust. Sweep and vacuum the room as much as possible. Dirt and particles can attached to the paint and brush and create bumpy and messy result.
4. Prime up the walls
Priming up wall produces and flat solid base and create a more even appearance thus, extending the coverage of paint. This means using less topcoat and the last layer will have rich top color. Priming could also help in covering up wall marks that special stain blocking primer cannot clean.
5. Fix up cracks and change loose tape
As houses get old dry wall crack comes out above and below interior doors and windows. Mend those cracks with mesh tape and joint compound. Change loose tapes after mending cracks extending it few inches past the holes on both sides. After drying, apply a second layer, spread evenly to merge the patch in the wall.
Consider the cost and the person to do the job
Bedroom painting is sometimes very costly. Scout and get quotations from different house painters on prices of preparation and painting. Depending on the surface and condition of the room to be painted, whether it is a new room or one with weathered with cracks and blisters, costs may vary. On the other hand, if one wants does not want to pay for a painting job, doing it themselves is always an option but a good result could not always be expected.


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