Paint Colors – White Paint Can Be a Good Idea

Paint Colors Such As White paint (Not Really a Color But Can Be Used As A Color )


Advantages of using  white  paint colors is if you are undecided on what color do paint the walls with. Another reason would be you want more lighting reflecting around in the room giving it a brighter and more illuminated room. Yet another reason would be you want to make the room look bigger.

 Some Popular Paint Colors


Simply white, snow white, Chantilly lace, highly reflective white, extra white, ultra pure white, whisper white, Nimbus cloud, are just a few Paint Hue’s to mention from the different

 Paint Colors Make the Room Look Bigger
Spreading Light Colors Makes the Room Seem Bigger

 companies such as Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams and Behr paints. And the list goes on you have so many choices and just simply the white family you can decorate your whole home with different shades of white.

When using this color it allows you to have any type of home decor in your room. If you go to a non-shaded white paint with no undertones you have to rely totally on your furnishings and the things you hang on your walls bringing  your room some life.

When painting over a darker wall or even covering up a featured wall that was very dark you will have to at least allow a few extra coats of paint because white is very delicate color and will show any bleed through from the original painted wall. Quick note: when painting white it is always advisable to use a high hiding product such as Benjamin Moore paints or Sherwin-Williams paints or a topline dulux paint. Also the process in which the paint is applied is important. When trying to have a perfect coverage and hide is important to use proper painting equipment such as  good painting tools, I must stress everything should be a top grade painting tool. If you use a cheap course paintbrush it will leave lines, select a good quality paint roller that will lay the paint down evenly and smoothly.

You can also play with the shine levels of the paint. Shine means more reflection also I can mean more brighter rooms or house. Things to consider when deciding to paint with a shinier paint. Shinier paint such as semigloss or even some egg shells are so shiny that they will show up any imperfection in the walls which you don’t want. Your walls have to be in very good condition nice smooth and straight, no holes or damages. On the other hand if you want to hide bad walls try to cover it with flat white paint. This usually does the trick. The problem with flat white paint is that it smudges very easily and this might be the reason why you would want to go to a high-end premium paint such as Benjamin Moore regal or even aura paint.


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