Painters tape and how to use it properly

 Using painters tape

Painters Strip is used when you’re trying to achieve a perfectly clean line. It is meant to seal the space between the top of the tape and the surface which it is attached to it in layman’s terms. The idea here is to alleviate any paint seeping ( bleed through) under the tape creating a jagged edge.

There is a variety of so-called “ decorators painting tape” that range from anywhere from $3 or  $4 for a small role to $6 or $8 for the same size role but in topline high-quality so-called painters  strip

Frog tape is the number 1 product for high-quality masking. Then there are definitely differences between the tapes. The amount of adhesive to seal out paint and how it feels is the main differences between the tapes. When you want a nice crisp clear clean paint line this the tape to use it doesn’t allow for any paint seepage under the tape.
The blue painter’s  adhesive strip is not quite as good but is still quite effective for less scrutinizing fine work. Sometimes this tape comes with a shiny or waxy surface this is to prevent leaks through from the top.

The painters mask green adhesive strip is sort of an entry-level tape which does a fairly good job at general-purpose masking but is still not a fine detail taped to use when you want a nice sharp crisp clean line.

Painters tape
Painters tape edge taping

Applying any of these decorators painting strips make sure that whatever you are taping is dry and if you’re doing graphics painting over previously painted surfaces. And if you are painting over an existing older paint job making sure that it is clean. Next thing you do is apply the tape sections at a time applying it to a possible chalk line to make sure that your line will be straight. Once the tape has stuck to the wall or the trim work make sure that it is firmly pressed on not allowing any paint seepage from underneath. So just run your fingers or thumb over the edge just to make sure the tape is well pressed onto the surface squeezing all the adhesive making sure that there is no way for the paint to bleed under.

Painting for a straight line
painters in Mississauga to ensure a nice clean accurate paint line use the tape as a guideline. We don’t just simply paint over the  painters tape randomly because if you paint over the tape randomly and you have lots of paint on the tape itself when you go to remove the tape you might end up tearing the edge but if you paid up to the edge you have much less chance of ruining the painted edge. We have found that the frog tape is the best clean edge we can paint to, but if you don’t need such a perfectly crisp edge you can go to a cheaper tape.




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