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And. you are thinking about how much painting a house costs.

Things. to think about when considering painting your home. Think about the size of your painting project. you have in mind. This home painting will have various aspects of it to consider. What is it that you wish to paint?

Will this paint job be kitchen cabinet painting or regular house painting?

Doing interior painting is much different than painting kitchen cabinet. Interior painting requires a different setup and procedure. This painting company can paint kitchen cabinets as well. Some home painting services are set up for painting kitchen cabinets which require different painting experiences.

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this painting business has experience in doing top-quality type painting in all fields. Our home painting specialists thrive on customer reviews therefore you will be totally satisfied with the painting of your living room or kitchen cabinets or any other home painting.

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Some questions that customers quite often ask about our painting services are, how much does it cost to paint a condo in Toronto?

Of course, this all depends on different variables such as how much work is involved? Does it need a lot of prep work? Is. it a color change?

Our painting services will help you with that

This painting company uses only quality paints on your home or in your home. Lots of our Toronto customers have recommended our house painters. Your painting job is our number one priority. We are your home painters. There's nothing more satisfying than a homeowner that was completely satisfied with the painting. Our house painters are quite familiar for example with popcorn ceiling painting and if you thought that you didn't like the idea of painting your ceiling you might consider popcorn ceiling removal which we are also experts at.


Wall Painting

Whether you. live in Toronto or Mississauga we are house painters, painting services in this area.

Let's talk about painting the kitchen cupboards first

painters toronto painting kitchen cabinets

Painters Toronto: refinish kitchen cabinets

obviously, you must be thinking about upgrading or updating the house interior and you feel that this painting work on your kitchen cabinet would definitely improve the aesthetics of the kitchen. This paint job is different from others because it requires more skill, know-how, and some specialized painting tools. These tools will be different than the ones you would use for example on painting your living room. First of all, you must be set up to do this type of project. Painting cabinet can be done either by hand with a roller (very special) and a brush or you can do cabinet spray painting with

Spray painting your cabinet

specialized sprayers. Which most people would not have and most probably hard to rent. There are some places that will rent this type of HV LP sprayer was not all. Also, it takes experience to be able to do a good quality painting on your doors and cabinets. This also requires much more prep work because this spray lands everywhere. You might end up with some ceiling painting which you were not planning on. Prep work is the most important aspect that a painting contractor has to do to ensure that the painting work that he did can warrant. high customer reviews.

 Preparing for your painting job

drywall repair

house painter performing a coat of plaster to make our workmanship look better

To start with let's say you are doing this by hand because most probably, you won't be able to do a good spray painting job you don't want to chance, ruining your kitchen.

The first thing you have to do is assign some workstations where you will be working on the doors and you have to decide once the door has been painted where will they go and rest/dry.

Once you have dedicated certain spots to be able to perform this painting job you have to set up a workstation such as a table that you will be able to work on the kitchen cabinet door. Once the door has been painted you will have to take it to another station for drying.

Keep in mind how many doors you have because you might run out of space so carefully think how much space you need because it'll be too late if you paint the door and nowhere to put it.

Preparing your paint job carefully laying out where you put things.

Removing the doors.


We have to remove the doors in order. Usually what home painters do on any painting project where doors have to be removed and painted they marked the door and where it came from. If the home painters don't mark the door the project will slow down because you will be wasting time looking to where it goes. And there are a lot of doors in the home not to mention your kitchen cupboards. When we remove the door replace a small number on the inside part where the latches will be covered with the latch and the corresponding spot on the frame or cabinet. Sometimes if done carefully you don't even need any tape to mark on to the door or the cabinet.

Sanding and getting the doors ready for painting.

(Kitchen cabinets)

The home painters first station will be the one where when you remove the doors and place them onto some cones specifically meant for painting Kitchen cabinet doors

Our home painters use these for painting cabinet doors

Home painters aids for cabinet painting


They look like small pyramids with a point on the top not to affect the paint job.  These cones can be bought as a specialty item and. some paint stores specifically for painting pantry cabinets. The first thing we do with all the surfaces, cabinets, and doors inside and out is degreased making sure that is no cooking sludge grease, and dirt on them. Next, we take some fine sandpaper 180 grit and sand all the surfaces. We do this on both sides of the door for example and then we tack cloth to remove all the dust. Now the door is ready for painting.


Painting the cabinet doors

Good home painters that offer kitchen cabinet painting will buy the best house paint specifically made for cabinet painting. These come in all kinds of varieties of paint colours and sheen levels. As painting contractors, we like to only use the best and most reliable material in the painting industry. And that is one of two places we buy paints from either Benjamin Moore or Sherwin-Williams paints. These guys are the painting industry leader in paint products and accessories. Here you can also buy specialty tools for painting the cabinets. Usually, we use a roller called a mini roller with fine clothes type fiber which will lay a smooth finish on.

Drop us a message if you are looking for a painter or painter here in Toronto for your home painting needs. Everyone is satisfied with our jobs and workmanship. Our customer's reviews prove this. Our home painters can do everything from popcorn ceiling removal to staircase painting. and staining. We can even do brick painting on your fireplace.

 Community Safety

Side note to our clients,
our customers in Toronto praise us for being craftsmen. Our service is only performed with expertise. Thus, there is a high degree of customer satisfaction and satisfaction is what counts for a great review. The review is what people look at when they choose our team to paint the areas of their home. We are also aware of covid and practice all safety to ensure that everyone is healthy. Our team is a team that wants to work and just make sure that everyone stays safe and our clients feel assured.


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