Painting Accent Walls Ideas

Painting accent walls ideas 

is just the same as painting any ordinary wall. The major difference in painting an accent wall is actually choosing the correct colour you want to use to offset your base colour. This wall is going to be the center point that your eyes should focus on in the room or area that you're trying to enhance or create a focal point too. This is a way of drawing attention to a certain feature and make it stand out.

Selecting your accent wall

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Carefully painting Accent walls ideas

First of all, you have to select the wall to paint as an accent wall, these usually are a smaller wall (because if you choose a larger wall or very large wall it loses its effect). Generally, walls without any kind of door or window are preferred so as not to break up the color. On the other hand, if you have some kind of interesting looking architectural trim work or fireplace or possibly a piece of art that you want to bring attention to this the perfect way to do it.

 Choosing your wall paint color

You should come up with the color scheme that will reflect what you're trying to do. One idea might be once you've decided what tone you want to paint and have it as your base tone and the one wall that you want to paint to be a darker version of the same color. If you're looking for even a more dramatic effect you might consider using a complementary color or possibly an opposite one.   Also, the shine level and the technique you use painting will also have an effect. Obviously the shine your feature wall is the more it will stand out from the rest of the flat (matte) remaining walls.

 Optional feature wall ideas

This feature wall can also be faux finished and textured to even further accent this wall. There are various faux finishes you could do to this wall, a very simple basic faux finish to a multilayered complicated design. You can also install a wall covering of your choice instead of painting.   The next thing is to prep the wall and makes sure that it has no holes or cracks or some surface imperfections that might make the wall look irregular and uneven or not smooth.

 Tools you will need to perform this special paint job

You will need a few tools and items to do this with such as wall plaster and a couple of plastering knives, some fine sandpaper and some good-quality painters tape such as frog tape. Inspector walks carefully looking for any imperfections and fixing them by either plastering in holes or sanding off any high spots. Then carefully lay your painters tape all the way around the perimeter of this wall, watching to ensure that you are placing the tape and a straight even smooth line. Make sure tape is 100% contacting the wall that you're taping off because if you don't, the paint will bleed through under the tape which you don't want.     Now that you have your wall prepared it's time to paint your accent wall.

 Special considerations for red and yellow colours

Some deep accent paint colours can be painted with only 2 coats of paint such as blue or green or brown, these are very strong and don't need priming. But if you're going with red or orange or yellow you have to prime with the same shade of gray to get the background at consistent opaqueness.   Now that you have applied a couple of coats and the material has dried and you don't see through the paint you can now take off the painters tape. You have to be careful removing the tape not to tear into the new paint so you have to figure out at what angle to pull the tape from. Once you're all done you now have a beautiful featured wall. These are the steps that we follow at interior painters in Mississauga (Hollywood painting) do when we paint an accent wall (featured wall)


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