Painting And Carpentry Services

Painting and carpentry services

Painting and Carpentry Services is our specialty.

 Mississauga handyman  painting and carpentry services over 30 years in the Toronto Mississauga region.we will discuss tips and methods applied to different types of techniques, at competitive pricing.
Our tips will include such things as types of paint materials to use and the different types of application techniques involving roller and brush, spray painting services and faux finishes. We will talk about the differences between oil paint and latex paint and hybrid paint, use of different brushes and rollers and the types to buy.
We are good, experienced and efficient when it comes to discovering wood rot when doing your home painting. As we scale your wood paneling or trim while preparing it we will find soft spots that indicate the wood rot. Also also similarly what we are doing drywall repair we will remove damaged drywall clean through to good solid drywall.
Carpentry is one of our other services.  Mississauga Carpentry includes many different areas and touches on quite a few other types of trades. We will be discussing such things as types of wood to use, what types of tools you can use in carpentry work. Carpentry is done in kitchens removing and
installing kitchen cabinets or just removing
kitchen cabinet doors.
You might be removing all the baseboards in your living room and remove your door in your bedroom and replace and install a new window in your living room. Other things that we might talk about is the ways of removing baseboards and replacing them along with remove and install new doors.
New Deck
Our painting and carpentry services also will talk about repairing your deck or porch or even how to build a new deck or fence gate.Top 25 Awards
Mississauga Handyman  has been selected as one of our Most Popular Home Improvement Specialists!

Awards received for 2017:
Most Popular Home Improvement Specialists in 2017
Most Popular Home Improvement Specialists in 2017
#2 Most Popular Home Improvement Specialist in Mississauga
#3 Most Popular Home Improvement Specialist in Peel
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