Painting The Bathroom

Bathroom Painting

A bathroom is considered to be the smallest, intimate space in a house. The house painting process is different but easier. Since the room occupies a smaller space, less amount of paint is needed.

Painting the room

would require using a special type of bathroom paint instead of the regular type.  These paints are of high quality and are specially formulated to perform well in high humidity. Bathroom paints are also designed to withstand constant exposure to moisture and even washing. They are also said to be stain resistant.

Types of Paints

A high quality, durable semi-gloss finish for bathroom walls is recommended to address frequent moisture and cleaning issues. It can also be used in painting bathroom cabinets. A high gloss finish can also be used for a house painting project for bathrooms because it repels moisture almost as well as if the walls are water proof. However, according to the opinion of some people, high gloss finishes only works for trim and cabinetry, as it does not look good when painted over large surfaces.

It is also best to know about the bathroom paint color’s light reflectance value or what they call the LRV. If the LRV is higher, the more light will bounce around the room. If the LRV is lower, then the more the color will absorb light and it will make the room moody.

The walls are the dominant color feature of a bathroom. To make a small bathroom look twice its size, the walls should be the same color as the primary furniture, be that a stool or chair, or the towel cabinet. Minimizing the color contrast of the walls and trim gives consistency to space. Dark colors can also be used for small spaced bathrooms. These colors can make a small bathroom look intimate and cozy. It can be contrasted with a white trim or a white vanity. Ceilings should be painted a couple of shades lighter than walls to make it feel airier.

Choosing the perfect colors for this kind of house painting project is not that difficult. Consider the mood and the theme you want to create when selecting colors. You may think that paint colors for bathrooms are limited. But having the freedom to create and customize your own colors means that your color choice is practically unlimited. Bathrooms are often wet and known as the water room. It is ideal to choose cool color hues from nature when painting a bathroom as they have a calming effect.

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