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What you need to know about a painting estimate

It is an important part and should be done with experience and know-how. Every job has its own set of parameters for calculating the cost of painting.
At the first meeting over the phone aesthetic questions are asked to establish what is being painted and the details and physical description of the space to be painted.

  • The first question will be the location of the house or condo or store whatever it may be.
  • What is the square footage of the area to be painted?
  • Will there be any drywall repairs or trim work repairs involving either plastering holes or fixing broken wood.
  • How tall are the walls?
  • Will the ceiling be painted?
  • Will there be a change in color?
  • Will there be any accent walls?
  • Will there be any furniture to move or cover?
  • Are there going to be any graphics involved such as stripes or designs of any kind?
  • Are there going to be any full faux finishes
  • When would you like to start painting?
  • Will there be anybody there while we are painting?

As you can see there are many questions that we can ask about either residential painting or commercial painting and they are all important to be able to establish a budget.

To make your decision on your painting estimate we have a solution for all your painting problems. Simply have a list of what you want to do which could be a combination of various painting projects around the home that could be done in one day. Make a list of such things as paint bedroom wall because it is damaged and scratched. Another one might be painted the fireplace mantle. Paint staircase going to the basement and do plaster repairs from drywall damages as furniture scratched up the walls going into the basement. Touch up oak banister on the staircase with a fresh coat of urethane to make it smooth again. These are some of the examples that you might about coming up with a day rate for home painting. This is a good idea when you have a budget and can only afford to do what is necessary.
Please check out our made easy painting estimate video:

Many people want to just do interior wall painting only which is actually the biggest bang for the buck. There is a difference between painting large interior walls with no doors compared to smaller interior walls with many doors and frames. It takes longer to paint a smaller wall with many doors than it does to paint a large wall with no doors. But still, lots of people say it's a small wall and they're seeking a lesser cost even though it takes more time to paint a small wall with multiple doors as opposed to a larger wall with no doors.

Trim painting on average can be calculated quite easily per item.

  • Residential doors are basically all the same size you are taking a few inches either way and this price can be calculated at per unit.
  • There are basically three types of sizes of Windows and based on that unit prices can be It also

Wall and trim repair work is one variable that is harder to calculate over the phone because one doesn't know what is involved in any one repair. Some repairs are very easy to do and are just a matter of passing the plaster knife over a small hole. Whereas if the doorknob went through a piece of drywall it will require a significant amount of more time to repair this whole. Polls this size or larger require some type of solid filler to be able to close the hole. This procedure requires much more time than just passing the plaster knife over it. And of course since the more the plaster the more time for drying also so in some cases it will take quite a few hours for a plaster repair to dry and to be sanded.

Of course, there are many more variables that aren't seen and are not recognized by the homeowner therefore cannot be explained thoroughly enough to be able to give it a dead-on accurate estimate.



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