Painting Techniques That Shouldn't Be Missed

Painting has been never easy when one is doing it for the first time. One should follow the steps and techniques for the painting to come out beautiful and not a disaster. House painters suggest that people who will do the painting of a room or house must equip themselves with the knowledge of priming and painting.

Before stocking up the chosen paint and equipments, one must first learn the tricks and trade of painting. It is not just knowing how to paint but also creating a professional result with both hands.

Try following these easy steps to follow for a problem free paint:

Step 1 Clean those walls

Use warm water, mild dishwashing detergent and a sponge to remove all dirt, dust, and greasy spots that can ruin a flat and even paint finish. Rinse well to remove residue and let dry.

Step 2 Tape the window sills and door frames

Using the house painters' blue tape a week ahead to protect areas like moldings, doorframes, windowsills, and trim from paint. It helps make edges crisp and guaranteed to make painting less stressful especially if one does not have a steady hand when handling a brush. Remove tape immediately while the walls and ceiling are wet after painting to prevent paint peeling.

Step 3 Prime the wall first

Primer helps make best use of the coverage of paint and create a uniform appearance for the last coat. The difference is in a correctly primed surface.

Step 4 Brush areas where rollers cannot be used

House painters suggest using a bush to paint wall corners, around trims and where roller cannot reach, using 2-inch angled brush. Run the brush on the wall side of the tape covering the trim, windowsills, doorframes, and moldings extending 2 - 3 inches away from them.

Step 5 Using the W method

For more efficient painting, start from one corner of the wall paint on a three by three-foot W pattern with the use of a roller. Continue filling the wall in without lifting the roller, filling in empty spaces until the wall is fully covered, painting one wall at a time.

Step 6 Paint the trim

After the wall has dried up, tape where the wall meets the trim. Run the brush along the outer side of the tape; keep applying against the taped trim moving out. Continue painting until narrow swathe areas along the taped trim.

Aside from these steps, learning how to use a roller is also crucial when painting especially for those hard to reach areas. 

1. Work on small sections at a time about two to three-square inch. Make sure that the roller is always wet, when the moist, crinkly sound is not heard load up the roller with paint.

2. Begin on the top half of the wall so that dripping fall on the areas that are not painted yet and not on the floor.

3. Paint a band of color up the wall from bottom to top. Turn the roller unto its side as it reaches the top then do zigzag as you go down. Replicate the steps across the wall, with each new band overlapping at least three-inch section of the wall already painted. Expert house painters suggest applying two coats of paint every time no matter what the label says.

Now anyone can start the paint job and create wall paintings like professional house painters.


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