Painting Your House Yourself Maybe Yes Maybe No

DIY House Painting Or Hiring a Professional  Contractor

 Living room painting and white
Nice clean job painting living room and white.

So you want to be your own house painter you want to paint your home yourself, what a great idea think about all the money I’ll save. But hold on you might end up regretting it because you really don’t know what is involved to get the job done the way you want it to look. There is a little more to home decorating  that you think. You’ve probably seen professional painters in houses or rooms and think nothing of it. You probably never a professional house painting company from start to finish paint the house, you probably just saw bits and pieces here and there.

Things to consider before coloring your house

First of all you have to consider the amount of dust and general disorder the paint job will do. There’s a lot of preparation work involved in just setting up for doing a complete house painting job. Or for that matter to paint the room. You have to have the proper equipment just for doing simple things like covering the floor. House painters  use drop sheets or drop cloths to cover the entire floor whether it is hardwood or carpet to make sure that no drops of paint damage anything. If you can’t get the room done in that day you will have to have the room covered up until the painting is done otherwise wasting a lot of time putting things back and then putting them back on to the floor again. Paint rolling and brushing is a messy job (for the novice house painter) there is a certain disciplines and techniques a professional house painter develops to keep everything clean neat and tidy.

Preparation for Interior Decorating

Simple things such as preparation which involves taping baseboards and any other surface which you consider not to have paint on involves applying the tape in such a way that you are only covering the actual wood trim and not to the wall and likewise you don’t want to fall short on the taping of the wood trim therefore ending up with wall paint on the wood trim. Furthermore you want to make sure that none of the paint bleeds through under the tape this makes it look very messy and jagged.

 Working at heights

Here also is a situation where you have a higher than normal area that has to be brushed in first, you think how do you do this. Well if you have never done this before and you try to attempt to do this with the ladder you have to keep safety in mind. One slip of the latter and you are on the top you might end up with broken bones and wish you never would’ve started your house paint job. If you decide not to use a ladder and use an extension pole with a paintbrush attached to the end you might not be able to make a straight line because of the distance you’re at from the wall and you’ll end up making a mess on the ceiling.

Cost of  equipment

You want to be Mr. handyman and purchase quality application  tools to do your house decorating  job with. You can buy cheap  tools at Walmart or the dollar store. These tools are garbage and you will not be able to do a neat and accurate paint job with these low-quality tools not to mention that it will take forever to paint. Cheap rollers tend to spray paint the lot and create lines from paint rolling and they are usually about 2 or 3 dollars each were a professional painting tool is around seven dollars each. The same concept goals with paintbrushes if you want to buy a cheap paintbrush it will leave paint lines and you will be continually putting the paint brush into the can to get more paint and these brushes are usually about 2 dollars or 3 dollars each compared to a quality rush made for professional house painting services for around $20 each but would be surprised how much way way better this brushes over that $2 brush. Then you also have to consider paint rolling trays. You also need a paint roller handle and an extension pole to attach the paint roller handle. And finally the last piece of basic equipment you need is that stepladder in most cases a 4 foot step ladder will suffice.

DIY homeowner painted home

Have you ever gone to a person’s house or possibly a friend’s home where they did the painting themselves and bragged how easy it was. Look around and see if the quality of work they did when you meet your expectations. Lots of people aren’t as demanding on what a big job looks like as long as it’s painted. Sometimes the lines aren’t straight at the ceiling but that’s okay or there is paint on the windows. Sometimes they paint right over holes and bumps which you might not accept but they didn’t mind. That’s the difference between a professional painter and a homeowner painting their house who has no experience in home decorating. Not to mention that think about the time it takes to paint the home if you do it yourself and if you will have any help. We have seen rooms that didn’t look very well painted that the homeowner did and they told us that it took them a couple days in the evenings to finish. The reason we were there was they elected to have a professional house painter do it the next time because of the troubles and inconvenience they went through during the paint job themselves.

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