Having a problem Is Plaster Wall Repair Really Necessary?

Is Plaster Wall Repair Really Necessary 5 reasons?

 drywall repair/ Plaster wall repair

Drywall repair/Plaster wall repair using drywall compound

Plaster is applied to walls, corner beads, and ceilings to make sure that water won’t seep through. This also provides added protection against fires. But, why do people go with plaster despite knowing that there are alternatives? The answer’s simple—it’s among the sturdiest options available.
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Indeed, one key advantage of using plaster is durability. If mixed and applied properly, it’s stronger than drywall. In most cases, it is more resistant to dents and knocks. Another good quality of plaster lies in the ease of installation. It takes less time to set up as it doesn’t require sanding.
When used inside the home, plaster is as much as possible kept even and smooth. So, why is it that exterior walls with plaster are typically rough? That’s to ensure that the walls can handle tough weather conditions such as rain or extreme heat.
Interior plaster walls on the patched area are smooth to give that distinct aesthetic appeal. The rough exterior plaster wall, despite not having the same visual impact, can expand and contract easily to match the changing weather. Truth be told, however, there are other plaster finishes, such as scrapped and sand-faced.
Despite offering toughness, aesthetics, and convenience, plaster can still be damaged by fairly common occurrences. Here are a few things that could lead to plaster damage:
• Settling of the house
• Occasional earthquakes
• Strong blows to the wall itself
• Water from the roof or from plumbing leaks
• Expansion and contraction of the wood framing
Although plaster is durable, it is quite difficult to repair. In drywall repair, you can get rid of the damaged part immediately. In plaster repair, the plaster must be carefully cut and scraped. And, that should be done in a way that doesn’t damage the intact wall material.
In addition, if the plaster has been severely damaged, the backing or the lath must also be replaced. As the plaster ages, the color also changes and can ruin the appearance of the whole wall. That is why professionals sometimes paint the whole wall once done with the repairs.
Value of Timely Plaster Repair
Plasterwork in interior walls and ceilings give a classy and smooth look. So, it’s important to repair or patch up damaged plaster to maintain the look of the walls. It is likewise important to do plaster repair to keep the structure of the interior walls intact.

Older homes all have plaster walls and ceilings (plaster and lath boards). These are the actual plaster walls. These walls are are harder than a piece of drywall. Most drywall repairs involve a drywall patching over a hole in the drywall. It's easy to do a finish coat with a wide drywall knife when you're using experienced drywall contractors. Better not to take a chance on doing this type of work yourself because you might not have the exact finish you're looking for.

A plaster wall must be repaired even if the damage seems minimal. If left as is, it can eventually affect the structural integrity and cause further problems. Failing to do proper maintenance can lead to repairs costing up to several thousand dollars.
Aside from cracks and dents, you’ll also have to watch out for signs of unevenness. Smoothness isn’t just about ensuring that paint will spread evenly. It also prevents air bubbles from being trapped inside the spaces between the plaster compounds.
At this point, it should be clear to you that despite the advantages it offers, plaster requires proper care and maintenance. And, while there are ways to do fixes on your own, plaster repair is best done by professionals. This ensures better results and fewer expenses in the long run.


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