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Tornado Plumbing is a Toronto based plumbing company that does drain cleaning and other plumbing services. They are one of our partners in Toronto and GTA. This company’s philosophy is to deliver the best quality service and it’s focused on high-level customer service, just as we are. We know that majority of the residential and commercial projects in Toronto area are usually interested in the variety of construction services including painting and plumbing, that’s why we found a partner who has the same values as we are and can help our customers with their plumbing renovation/restoration needs.

You can always expect highly professional and price efficient service from Tornado Plumbing and be sure that the construction area will be cleaned up and safe. This company provides free estimates and very competitive prices compared to other plumbers in Toronto. Tornado Plumbing friendly expert plumbers work 24/7, so even if you have a plumbing emergency during the weekend, you can still call them. They also have a drain contractor license, which means that if you are doing sump pump installation or backwater valve installation with them, you will be eligible for rebates up to $1,750 from the City of Toronto.

Team of Tornado Plumbing always provides a breakdown of options and prices and explains customer every detail of it, so that you can always make an informed decision.

Professional Plumbing Services

Plumbing Professional Plumbing Services

Core Values of

Plumbing Professional Plumbing Services


  • Respect – making sure customers feel comfortable dealing with plumbing issues and the amount of stress is minimized. Respect to the client and calm decision making is what helps to solve the problem.
  • Responsibility – Tornado Plumbing does work with a focus on needs of the client and always makes sure the result is satisfactory for the customer. They thrive to provide highest quality services and take responsibility for the job they do, even after the project was finished.
  • Focus on the customer – plumbers from Tornado Plumbing listen to customers and always take into consideration their opinion while solving the plumbing issue.

If you need help cleaning your drains, need to waterproof your basement or any other kind of plumbing service, call

Plumbing Professional Plumbing Services

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