How To Replace And Install Interior Door

Install Interior Door

in any room in any style. This was a bifold style we installed a couple weeks ago in Mississauga Ontario.

Install interior door or Repair interior door

To Install interior doors is easy provided you have the proper tools and experience in carpentry. However for some people it might be tricky, so looking at getting help from somewhere like could to be helpful for advice or help. It's a lot easier to to watch someone put an interior door in then to do it yourself, although if you're buying a new door should you purchase one from a reputable company like Bowalker Doors they will offer to install it for you should you prefer not to do it yourself.

As you can see even in this video presenter had proper tools (hand tools) a very sharp chisel for cutting the mortise for the hinge. He also had a circular saw probably with a very sharp new blade so I wouldn't ruin the bottom edge of the door. A few clamps to put the two doors together while copying over positions for the hardware and the length and size the door.

Removing entire door and door frame.

In many cases an older homes where there has been multiple paint jobs over the years, there will probably be a lot of paint on the door casing by the wall and on the jam that has to be freed up before removing it. We find that most the time even if it is being freed up the door casings will break.

Once the door casing as of we take a saws all to cut nails which secures the door casing to the rough opening two by fours.

We then remove the door assembly carefully not to scratch or damage the floor or carpet.

At this point after taking measurements of the size of door and door opening you can go to Home Depot and purchase the correct pre-hung door.

The prehung door will go back in the same way as the old door came out. You level the hing side of the door making sure it is level. With a screw temporarily attach the doorjamb in this position, just making sure the door frame doesn't move. You might want to put a second screw in at the bottom again without tightening. Allowing shims to be inserted to straighten the door jam out. Once you know that your door swinging properly check clearance on all sides and equal amount of space (gap) on all sides. You can use the wood shims for adjustments. Now secure the striker side of the door temporarily with one fastener (nail) but don't drive it in flush just leave it proud of the door casing a little so that the door will swing. Once you are comfortable with the looks and function of the door opening and closing you can insert the shims for visual adjustments closing gaps that are too big.

You can now proceed in permanently attaching the door casing to the frame opening.

I use a Japanese saw to cut off the protruding pieces of Shim, allowing to place the door trim on.

If you have an interior door that is damaged and worn


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